Credit: Dafna Ben Nun
Credit: Dafna Ben Nun


Monkey Recreates Famous ‘Circle Of Life’ Scene From The Movie 'The Lion King'

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

The famous 'Circle of Life' Lion King scene - where Simba is lifted above the African planes - has been re-enacted in real life by a monkey.  Life imitated art when the mother was seen lifting up her baby aloft to recreate the iconic cinematic spectacle. Photographer Dafna Ben Nun was there at the moment when the baboon and her infant recreated the much-imitated scene.

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Dafna, a photographer from Israel, was on a trip to the Southern African country to learn about the local wildlife when she was surprised to see that the two monkeys were recreating such a well-known moment. The animals, that are native to South Africa, are often found in open savannah and open hills around Africa. 

Take a look:

Credit: Caters/Dafna Ben Nun

Here's the full video of the original scene:

The scene was made famous in the 1994 film with the soundtrack featuring Elton John. In the movie, baboon Rafiki lifts the newborn Simba on the edge of a cliff as the chorus to 'Circle of Life' plays.

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Dafna also posted a picture of three monkeys sitting on the branch of a tree and captioned it as "3 monkeys pampering each other on a tree".