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Libraries In India: Top Five Iconic Libraries In India You Must Visit

Libraries are the best place to relax and freshen your mind. Read to know about the best five iconic libraries in India and more about them in detail.

Libraries in India

Libraries can be tall and majestic structures that may not look very beautiful on the outside but they provide us with abundance knowledge. A library is a place of worship for someone who loves reading. The relaxing environment and beautiful architecture amidst thousands of books can make any bookaholic as happy as a kid in a candy store. Libraries are quiet and peaceful places that can tell a million stories. Here are the five best libraries in India. Take a look:

Five Best Libraries in India

Asiatic Society


Asiatic Mumbai is an iconic building. It was established in 1804. The place was inspired by Greek and Roman architecture and was founded by Sir James Mackintosh. The place contains about 15,000 rare books.

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The National Library of India


The National Library of India holds the largest number of books. It also ranks the books in terms of maintenance, cleanliness, architecture, and historical importance.  It was established in 1836. The place has a collection of more than 2.2 million books.

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Raza Library, Rampur

Uttar Pradesh

Raza Library is a government-protected property. It is housed inside a palace in Rampur. In today’s time, it is one of the biggest libraries in the whole of Asia and was established by Nawab Faizullah Khan. The place contains rare works of notable historical documents, Islamic calligraphy, and over 30,000 books in its collection. Apart from that, it also contains 17,000 rare manuscripts, 5000 miniature paintings, and 205 hand-written palm-leaf manuscripts.

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Trivandrum Public Library


Trivandrum Public Library is also known as the State Central Library. It is the first public library in India that was established in the year 1829. The place consists of various collections of literature in different languages and it also houses a separate library for children. 

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Allahabad Public Library


Allahabad Public Library is situated in Alfred Park. The library is considered to be the biggest library in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was established in the year 1864 with Scottish Baronial Architecture which is breathtaking to look at. This library houses over 125,000 books, 40 types of magazines, 28 newspapers, and 21 Arabic manuscripts. 

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