Published 12:45 IST, February 18th 2020

Tamil writer Perumal Murugan's best books that you can read in English translation 

Tamil literature has given some amazing gems to the literary world. Find about best of Perumal Murugan's novels that have been translated into English

Reported by: Chitra Jain
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India is a country that is home to a plethora of languages and cultures. Among the several languages and hundreds of dialects, 22 languages have been recognised and listed as official state languages. Some of the brilliant literary works in these languages set a great example of diversity in India. However, sometimes great books are not able to reach the right audience due to the language barrier.

Perumal Murugan is one of the best Tamil writers whose huge body of work has been translated into English. The Tamil writer essays his books and writings with a clear understanding. You can read several books of Perumal Murugan that have been translated into English and enjoyed by a varied mix of readers. So, here is a list of Perumal Murugan's best Tamil literary pieces that have been translated in English.


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Perumal Murugan books in English

The Goat Thief

In the book The Goat Thief, Perumal Murugan tells the stories with a deep understanding and calm clarity. This book is about a lonely night where a watchman falls in love with the ghost of a rape victim. Another character is that of a terrified young goat thief who finds himself surrounded by a mob, who are out for his blood. The book has been translated from Tamil to English by N Kalyan Raman.


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A Lonely Harvest

This great piece of Tamil Literature has an amazing story with two different endings. At the end of Perumal Murugan's trailblazing novel One Part Woman, readers are left on a cliffhanger as Kali and Ponna's intense love for each other is torn to shreds. The book A Lonely Harvest takes the story forward on what happened next to the beloved couple. This book was translated into English by Aniruddhan Vasudevan.


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Seasons of the Palm

Another great work of Perumal Murugan translated into English tells the story of an "untouchable" lad in bondage to a fatherly yet powerful landlord. In Seasons of the Palm, the boy fights to keep his fragile happiness but his endless work and stubborn hunger are never too far away. It can be said that the novel is lyrical in its evocation of grace.


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12:45 IST, February 18th 2020