Bachelorette Party Theme: Four Unconventional Ideas To Plan A Party


Bachelorette party is one of the most important events for a bride-to-be; here are some unconventional ideas to help make the bachelorette parties more fun

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bachelorette party

Planning a Bachelorettes party is a big responsibility. For the yet-to-be bride, it is one of the biggest moment of her life. Instead of planning a mainstream bachelorette party, you can plan the party in a way that it does not end up being a conventional party. Here are four unconventional ideas for planning a bachelorettes party that would echo through time. Read more to plan the best party. 

Four unconventional ideas to plan the party

1. Pool Party Theme 

Pool partiers would be considered odd by some people for a bachelorette party. But a pool party would be fun to plan and attend. Book a resort or a villa with an attached pool and plan the main event in the lawn or better, in the pool itself. It would make a great memory and would be very different than the mainstream conventional parties.

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2. Horror-themed party 

Horror-themed party will stand out of the crowd. To make your party more unique and unconventional turn it into a horror-themed party. Dress up in blood-stained clothing and zombie-like makeups to give the party the scary feel it needs. Jack-o-lanterns can be set up in the lawn area. To make it a bit darker, you can add the colour of blood to your pool. 

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3. Pyjamas themed party 

Pyjamas themed parties are the best sort of parties for laid back people. If the bride-to-be is a 'lazy bum', this is the perfect theme for the party. Dress up in comfy pyjamas and get wasted. Add lots of pillows to the mix, and you have a perfect pyjama party . Planning the party indoors would be the best option. Add some candles to the room and make it perfect. 

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4. Superhero themed party 

Superhero themed bachelor party is something heard off. But for a Bachelorette party to have a Superhero theme is quite eccentric. Plan the bachelorette party around Superhero movies. For a nerdy bride who is into Marvel and DC, a Superhero themed party is the best option. Dress up as the bride's favourite superhero and have a gala time with this unconventional theme. 

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