6 Tips To Obtain Smoother And Rash-free Underarms After Waxing


Waxing your underarms can end up with you having to deal with rough skin and rashes. Follow these easy measures to get smooth underarms without any hassles

Written By Sania Kader | Mumbai | Updated On:

Waxing, in general, is a painful affair for many. If the results from it are not satisfying, then it can kill your motivation to get it done again. It might also leave you with dry and dull skin. Certain measures will help you get smooth and clean armpits. Here are six tips to consider in order to get smoother underarms.

Tips for smoother underarms after waxing

1. Exfoliate

Use a scrub and clean the area well before getting the underarms waxed. This will loosen the roots of underarm hair, allowing it to get pulled out easily. This will help clean up the dirt and get rid of oil and sweat. You can also make a natural scrub for this purpose by mixing sugar and honey.

2. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera helps you maintain smooth skin by hydrating the region it is applied on. Applying a layer of aloe vera gel after waxing is recommended. This will also help in soothing rashes, if there is any.

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3. Avoid deodorants

Avoid using any kind of talcum powder, spray or deodorant right after waxing. Using these products will cause a burning sensation and may even lead to rashes. Using talcum powder right before waxing is generally recommended but not once the deed is done. Only use creams recommended by your dermatologist.

4. Loose clothing

Your clothing needs to be taken care of, after waxing. Wearing tight clothes will only cause more irritation. Instead, opt for loose cotton clothes once waxing is done. This will allow your underarms to breath, which in turn will keep your skin healthy and smooth.

5. Ice cube

Using a block of ice on the part that has been waxed will soothe your skin. Smooth skin can be obtained by cooling down the freshly waxed part. However, ice cube needs to be rubbed on your skin right after waxing. If not applied right away, it fails to have an impact.

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6. Do not double wax

Waxing the same area twice can make your skin rough. Your underarm skin is sensitive and needs extra attention. Try not to overexert on your skin. If you feel it has not been done well, wait till the hair grows back completely.

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