Best South Indian Bridal Hairstyles To Add A Spin To Your Look


Read more to know about four simple bridal hairstyles that go perfectly with South Indian attire and which look flawless adding glow to the special day

Written By Aditi Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

The classic sarees and extravagant ornaments give all South Indian brides the charm and glow they need for their special day. A classic silk wedding look is incomplete without the glowing makeup and a stunning hairstyle. Most of the South Indian women are blessed with gorgeous curls and styling them is a difficult task and the stylists often end up just straightening them, but they can be styled in many beautiful ways. If you are a South Indian bride and are still confused about what hairstyle choose, have a look at these beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

The long braided hairdo accessorised with pearl strings

The traditional long braided hairstyle that is appropriate for an engagement function. In this hairstyle, front-parted hair is used as small puff and then the rest of the hair is tied up in a braid. Then the braid is covered with flowers or hair accessories. A more elaborated look is with strings of pearls which are chosen as per the wedding attire.

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The decorated spiral bun

Most brides play it safe by preferring a sleek spiral bun. It goes perfectly with any Indian outfit and can be achieved very easily. Side-part your hair and make a spiral on one side. Make a bun, either big or small. Then decorate it with hair accessories or flowers. Women with long hairs can create a bouffant to add volume to their hair. They need to secure a bun using hairpins of their choice. Then accessorize with gorgeous, fresh flowers.

Twisted hairstyles with open hair

Take side portions of your hair and give them a twist. After twisting the sides, take them back of your head and clip them up using hairpins. Repeat this process with three to four portions more. Now, curl the rest of the hair that you will leave open. Decorate your hair with flowers.  

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Dressy side fishtail braided hairdo

Experts believe that a fishtail is one of those hairstyles which goes with any bridal outfit. Make a fishtail braid and keep it loose. This style never goes out of fashion and looks charming. To give it a distinctive South Indian hairstyle for long hair spin, decorate it with hair accessories.

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