Glitter Eye Make Up: Things To Keep In Mind While Using Glitter On Your Face


Makeup is something all girls love to wear. Glitters is one of the best picks that many girls prefer. Here is how you can apply glitter like a professional.

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glitter eye make up

Sparkly glitters are a popular make-up trend. If you wish to go for something different, then glitters are the best pick. Shimmers give you a different shiny and attractive look. It is a fun way to amp up your glam factor. However, one needs to be careful before applying it. One wrong slip and it will end up looking shabby. Here are a few makeup tips which will make it much easier for you to pull off the glitter phenomenon.

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Best way to apply sparkly glitters on your face; follow the instructions below 

Whether you are using a gleaming eyeshadow or a shimmer, always keep in mind to use Vaseline. This will make it easy for the glitter bits to adhere appropriately. However, make sure you don’t end up looking like a disco ball. Do not overdo the glitters. Make sure you balance it fine. Keep the same amount of glitters on both sides of the face or eyes. Keep it discreet. Try putting a little amount of glitters first, and then blend it further.

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It is also important to avoid experimenting with various different glitter styles and shades. If it is overdone, you will end up looking funny and tacky. Go for a single colour and similar base shade. Using different shades of glitters will mix up the glitters and make it look dirty. If you do not want to look all messed up, go for single colour. Best way to apply glitter is to just dab it. This makes it look cleaner and more defined. 

Tip: After you are done with the day, make sure you clean your face properly with a cleanser so that you do not spoil your skin. Glitters tend to stick to your skin and damage it. If you do not want your skin to be damaged, wash your face properly. 

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