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In Pictures | This Baby Girl Dressed As Female Icons Will Make You Go 'aww'

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mother transforms her baby daughter into influential women from history
  • She started dressing up her daughter infant since she was just 3-weeks-old

In school, we all waited for the Halloween fancy dress party every year, to dress up in the costumes of our favorite characters. But this baby girl seems to have a fancy dress party very often as her mother transforms her into influential women from history. Jenelle Wexler, an Illinois resident, dresses her new-born daughter, Liberty Jaine, in the costume of iconic women in history to pay a tribute to the female icons who fought for and helped protect women's rights. Wexler started dressing up Liberty when she was just 3-weeks-old. From Queen Elizabeth II to Dolly Parton, the creative mother dressed her daughter up in almost 20 different costumes snapped her picture and uploaded it on her Instagram page. The adorable baby won the hearts of the netizens immediately after her first picture was revealed. 

Here take a look at the Liberty Jaine's Instagram posts: 

1. Cleopatra 

Cleopatra, as we all know, was the queen of Egypt. She was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. She was also a diplomat, naval commander, polyglot, and medical author. Baby Liberty dressed up as Cleopatra to pay a tribute to the queen of Egypt. 

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2. Mother Teresa

The Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun, Mother Teresa, was known for her kindness and caring nature. She has been considered as an ideal for purity and love. Baby Liberty dressed up as the Mother Teresa makes the picture look perfect. 

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3. Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. She is still the possessor of the royal throne of England. The little queen looks as perfect as the elderly one.  

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4. Madonna

Madonna who is referred to as the "Queen of Pop" is an American vocalist known for her out of the box lyrical content in mainstream popular music, as well as visual imagery in music videos and on stage. Baby Liberty resembles the pop-star perfectly. 

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5. Ellen DeGeneres

American comedian Ellen Lee DeGeneres is known for her popular sitcom 'Ellen' and TV show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', that was widely praised across the globe. Ellen is also a writer, producer, and an LGBT activist. Liberty looks exactly like her in the white shirt, coat and that big smile. 

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6. Audrey Hepburn

British actress Audrey Hepburn took up the stage during the Golden era of Hollywood. She is recognized as a film and fashion icon in the industry. Liberty's mother, who also seems to have an amazing fashion sense dressed her perfectly in the outfit.

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7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. She was one of the very few female justices to be confirmed to the court. With the specs and the black outfit, baby Liberty resembles Ginsburg perfectly.

To see Liberty in more astonishing outfits, check out her Instagram page, 'Photography of Liberty'.