Mushroom Necklace, Poop Necklace And Human Danglers: Here Are Eight Most Weird Necklaces In The World!

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  • Different occasions call for unique neckpiece that would make your look stand out
  • From food inspired necklaces to an body themed necklace, here's a list of world's eight weird, quirky neckpieces

Necklaces have always been a statement piece of jewelry which can amp up any attire. Different occasions call for different neckpieces that would make your look stand out. Finding a unique necklace is surely an uphill task, but, worry not. Here are eight unusual necklaces that you can try out:


1. Mushroom Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Based on the natural pattern of the mushrooms, the neckpiece is a bit strange yet stunning. The swirly design is one of its kind and would glam up any outfit.

2. Edible Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

These necklaces are made with real candies and are very much edible. As the piece gets smaller, wear them as bracelets and rings. After all, who doesn't love candies?

3. Pizza Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

This is a must have for all the pizza lovers. Wear your love for the food with the pizza holder necklace. Carry your pizza along and enjoy it, whenever, wherever.


4. Poop Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

This is the grossest necklace on the list. This bizarre, poop necklace is for real and the man sporting it sure has a lot of confidence for having worn that.


5. Claw Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Having a creepy charm of its own, this piece can be worn anytime to bring back the Halloween feels!

6. Teeth Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Got reminded of your old grandma? This eccentric teeth neck piece would definitely make you stand out, figuratively and literally. It would be a good bet for Halloween, though!

7. Dangling Human Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

The necklace boasts of being spooky and all things ghostly. It would be the best fit with your Halloween outfit.

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8. Painter’s Paradise Necklace

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

The eye-catching neckpiece sure is quirky and adds that pop of color. It is very much available on sale and can be customized according to the choice of color.

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Did you know about these weird, eccentric necklaces? Ever came across other unusual neckpieces? Let us know in the comments.