Oily Hair : Tips For Hair Care And Preventing Greasy Scalp


Oily hair is one of biggest issues in a person's everyday life. The question is how to effectively treat it without causing hair damage and using chemicals.

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oily hair

A greasy scalp leads to dandruff and uncomfortable itching. Treating it before the problem grows to an uncomfortable level is vital. As it can lead to fungal infections or worse. Here’s how you can treat your oily hair without stripping off your natural oils.

Wash more often

People who frequently face issues of a greasy scalp and oily hair should wash their hair more often, around thrice a week. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, shampoo helps in getting rid of excess oil as well as other dirt that stays in your hair because of pollution and chemicals used on hair.

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Shampoo and condition properly

Choosing the right type of shampoo is very important for your hair. Sometimes, even high-end shampoos don’t go with the kind of hair you have. This leads to damage and many other hair-related problems. How you wash your hair is an essential part of hair care. Oily hair is a result of not washing your hair properly. Take a small amount of shampoo and massage it into your scalp. Rinse it off by gradually rubbing your hand into your hair. Remember not to aggressively scrub your scalp. For conditioning, do not use an excessive amount of conditioner as this will make your hair look greasy.

Avoid using heat on your hair regularly

Blow drying and straightening may give you the sleek look you desire, but this will quickly make your hair look greasy. To avoid oily hair, avoid heat and let your hair dry naturally. Due to heat causing an oily scalp, hair will have to be washed more frequently, which will cause further damages to your hair.

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Focus on products which are formulated for oily hair

Haircare products that are meant for cleansing your scalp thoroughly. Products with stronger detergents help treat oily hair in a better way. Remember, if you are an individual who needs to wash their hair daily, use a mild shampoo as it can be less irritating.

Clean your hairbrush regularly

A dirty brush can even spoil your freshly washed hair. When you don’t wash your hair, the brush is full of hair products, oils, and dirt that can make your hair oily even after immediately washing it. Clean your brush with a small amount of shampoo or mild soap to strip off the dirt in your brush. Also, try to remove the hair strands that are in the hairbrush immediately after you comb your hair.

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Try using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a saviour when it comes to oily hair. Dry shampoo is basically a spray which is an instant substitute for a wet wash. It helps in drying out oil and gives a cleaner scalp. But avoid using it regularly as it also leaves residue in your hair, which causes the scalp to feel gritty and dirty.

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