Skincare: 3 Reasons Why Men Must Apply Sunscreen Daily On Their Skin


Skincare is very important for both, men and women. Check out the top three important reasons why men should use sunscreen daily. Click here to read more.

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Sunscreens are capable of doing wonders to the skin. When skincare is concerned, many problems start because of carelessness and damages done by the sun. Skin-related problems can be tackled and prevented just by the use of sunscreens. Although women take good care of their skin, men seem to ignore this important aspect. But, men need to indulge in skincare activities, especially protection from the sun. Here are some important facts related to the use of sunscreen that men must know.

Prevents Skin Cancer

When it comes to sunscreens, the best thing about them is that they help in the prevention of skin cancer. According to famous dermatologist Dr Ronald M Shelton, men and women need to use sunscreens daily to prevent hazardous skin related problems. Sunscreen prevents the skin from taking damage from the sun, which keeps the skin’s immune cells to function more effectively. However, it is essential to use them every day, especially before leaving the house and going in the sun.

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Prevents skin ageing from sun damage

Indian men are sceptical when it comes to skincare routines. But, according to many dermatologists, men need to understand that 60-90% of the ageing of the skin starts because of the damage done by the sun. The Elastin and Collagen in the skin cells keep the skin youthful, these elements get damaged by the exposure to the sun, which can be prevented by simply applying sunscreen as a protective layer.

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Blocks acne and hyper-pigmentation

Apart from preventing serious skin problems, sunscreens also help in reduction and preventions from hyperpigmentation and acne. The skin develops hyperpigmentation after being exposed to the sun for a long time. This leads to the skin getting super tanned, some may experience sunburn or redness. Sunscreens also stop the UV rays from helping the bacteria to grow on the skin which in a way helps in blocking acne from occurring.

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Disclaimer: The information has been sourced from various medical journals. The website does not hold any liability for the information provided. Consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

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