Sleeve Tattoo: Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Sleeve Tattoo


Getting a sleeve tattoo can be really hectic. A sleeve tattoo is an intricate work of art. Here are things to keep in mind before getting a sleeve tattoo.

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Getting a sleeve tattoo is fun, but it can be a hectic task. A sleeve tattoo is an intricate work of art and you need to think it through before getting one. A sleeve tattoo can look aesthetic and even mundane at times. So inking up your arm in a strategic and meaningful way is required. You cannot just get tattooed with any random design and fill your sleeve. Attention to detail is necessary when going for a sleeve tattoo.

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Know what you want

The first important thing you need to do is find an artist who syncs with your vision. The next thing you need to do is sit for long hours and come up with a design. If you are getting your body inked, you need to know exactly what you want to get. From the beginning, execution to maintenance, you need to know what you are doing. 

Filling up your arm

If you want to get your sleeve tattooed but are having second thoughts, start with a single tattoo and eventually fill your whole arm. That way, you will be confident in what you want. Nicolas Gualteros, a creative tattoo artist, suggests that when you are getting a tattoo, start from the shoulder. This way, the tattoos on your arm will not look like stickers.

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A giant tattoo or a series of tattoos can’t be done in one sitting. The inking process is intricate and it is done with precision. Getting a sleeve tattoo could take some time and that is perfectly normal. It is better to come up with designs and ideas instead of getting random things tatted on your limb. Come up with a full arm design. You’re going to wear the tattoo for the rest of your days. So come up with designs and communicate with your tattooist. 


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Always make a connection with your tattoo artist. A good sleeve tattoo will not happen overnight. Find someone that speaks to you and knows what you want. 

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