Winter: Trendy Outfits That Will Keep You Warm And Look Stylish


Here are some stylish winter outfits that will not only keep you warm but will also keep you updated with the latest fashion; continue reading to know more

Written By Kashmira Patil | Mumbai | Updated On:

Winter is here and it is time to update your wardrobe with the most stylish collection of winter outfits. During this winter, make sure you opt for outfits that will not only keep you warm but also keep you ahead in the fashion game. There are many trendy outfits to choose from. As we all know, winter in India will not be similar to the winter in America or London. In India, the temperature starts dropping after 4 pm till 11 am the next day. So the outfits should also match this fluctuating temperature.

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Here are some stylish winter outfits:

1. Multicolour sweater

Multicoloured sweaters should match almost everything in your outfit. It could be worn with a printed skirt or even over a maxi dress. It can be perfectly paired with printed jeans. 

2. Long-sleeved, open-front knit sweater

This is perfect for those days when it is not yet very cold but you are also unsure of the temperature later that day. It also works perfectly fine as an overcoat. It can be removed later when the temperature rises. This open-front sweater looks great with blue jeans and black boots.

3. Turtleneck sweater dress

For all the girls out there, turtleneck sweatshirts are in style since a very long time. The fashion game changed completely when turtleneck sweater dresses were in style. It is also stylish and will also keep you warm. These A-line dresses look amazing and can be paired with heels. 

4. Cropped, oversized jacket

This jacket goes with almost anything. While buying this jacket try to get a colour that will go with everything. Try to pair this jacket with a plain white tee. Also, if your neck gets chilly, you can throw on a scarf. 

5. Jumper

Hand-knitted jumpers are one of the coolest outfits for this winter. If it is a lighter shade, it will look great with any dark pair of trousers. Black boots or even casual sneakers will go perfectly with this jumper. 

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