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April Fool's Day Images And Wishes That You Can Share With Your Friends And Family

April fool images and wishes have been listed below. Read below to know some of the best wishes to send your friends and family this April fool's day.

april fool images

April Fool's Day is celebrated on April 1 each year. Though its exact origin has remained a mystery, the April fool's day is reportedly being celebrated for over two centuries. The tradition of April fool's day revolves around pranking a person and yelling 'April Fools!'. Now, as the April Fool's day is above us all, it is important for people to wish their loved ones or even prank them if possible. Below are some images and wishes you can send to your family or loved ones in order to celebrate the April fool's day. Check them out below -

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April fool's day wishes 2020

  • Today you are allowed to tell everything you think about your enemies and pretend it's a joke! Happy April fool's day 2020!
  • Trust no one today,
    It's April 1 - a Fool's day,
    But act just like every day,
  • And everything will be OK!
  • Wishing to pay your taxes today,
    Because it is legal to cheat on Fool's day!
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go corona

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  • I just wanted to say a goodbye,
    I decided to go away for a while,
    Please, don't follow my way,
    My ticket is booked for... a Fool's day!
  • A – You are Attractive
    B – You are the Best
    C – You are Cute
    D – You are Dear to Me
    E – You are Excellent
    F – You are Funny
    G – You are Good-Looking
    H – hehe
    I – I’m
    J – JOKING

    Happy April Fool’s Day 2020 
  • April 1st Calls For A
    Celebration Of Fools.


    Go And Join Them..

    Happy fool's day 2020 

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go corona
go corona
go corona

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  • A Day Will Come,
    When The Whole World Will

    APRIL FOOL Comes
    Once A Year.
    Happy fool's day 2020 
  • A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. Happy fool's day 2020. 
go corona
go corona

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go corona
go corona

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Disclaimer: The suggestions given in the article are purely for entertainment purposes. It is important to keep the safety and security of others in mind when playing pranks. All the pranks listed here are light-hearted in nature and are not meant to harass or harm people in any way.

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