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International Workers Memorial Day 2020 Theme And Significance Of The Day

Check out the International Workers Memorial Day 2020 theme. It is celebrated on April 28 to remember the workers killed, disabled, injured by their work.

international workers memorial day 2020 theme

International Workers' Memorial Day or Workers' Memorial Day is also known as International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured. The international event takes place yearly around the globe on April 28. It is an international day of souvenir and action for workers killed, disabled, injured, or diseased by their work.

International Workers' Memorial Day is an occasion to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace disturbances and ill health and to support campaigns and union organisation in the fight for advancements in workplace safety. Every year a particular theme is been followed on this day. International Workers' Memorial Day 2020 theme is the coronavirus. 

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As the world is currently facing the coronavirus pandemic, TUC, the Trade Union Health, has marked it as a theme this year. The pandemic has affected and is still affecting many workers regardless of sector or locality. Tens of thousands of workers worldwide have died. Numerous of them have fallen ill or continue to go to work risking their lives. Many workers are still serving work ill-equipped and without certain safety measures in place. As one cannot attend the memorial events due to lockdown and as public gatherings around the world are not advised or allowed, TUC urges members to take part in the collective day of remembrance and solidarity through an online stream. 

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Last year, the theme for International Workers' Memorial Day was taking control – removing dangerous substances from the workplace. In 2018 the theme of Workers’ Memorial Day was 'unionised workplaces are safer workplaces'. Every year, the TUC coordinates activities across the country, publishing a comprehensive listing of events nationally and suggestions. 

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Workers' Memorial Day is recognised as a national day in many countries including Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Gibraltar, Ireland, Luxembourg, Panama, Peru, Portugal,  Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, United States and the United Kingdom. Trade unions in other countries including Benin, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Malta, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania and Singapore are pursuing government recognition. Although April 28 is used as the focal point for memorial and a day of international solidarity, campaigning and other related activities continue throughout the year right around the world. 

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