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National North Dakota Day 2020: History, Significance And Everything To Know

National North Dakota Day 2020 will be observed on April 19. Here is everything to know about the history and the significance of the celebration of the day.

national north dakota day 2020

Every year, April 19 is observed as National North Dakota Day. It is a celebration and recognition of the Peace Garden State. North Dakota is known to grow more sunflowers than any other state. It also houses the World's Largest Buffalo monument which is located at Frontier Village in Jamestown. The state has one National Grassland and 18 State Parks.

Happy National North Dakota Day 2020: Significance and History


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The state is particularly famous for its Badlands. The badlands of North Dakota are named Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the name of the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt. He even said in one of his speeches that had it not been for his experience in North Dakota, he would not have been President. Here is all you need to know about the history and significance of National North Dakota Day 2020. 

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History of National Dakota Day 2020

The National Day Calendar celebrates each state in the order that entered the union. Starting with the week of Independence Day, it ends with Hawaii. These days are mainly observed to celebrate everything about a particular state. The headquarters of National Day Calendar is situated in Mandan, North Dakota. That is why even the National Day Calendar website says, "North Dakota is also where we celebrate every day…it’s our favorite place to be!”

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Significance of National North Dakota Day 2020

The significance of National North Dakota Day 2020 is to celebrate the state, its culture, history, food, and Dakotans. Beyond its historical sites, North Dakota also houses a lot of lush greenery which is a sight to behold. The outdoor amphitheatre and Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora are a must-see.

One can kayak down the Pembina Gorge or visit the International Peace Gardens. the state also has beautiful wineries and vineyards to visit. The state also has the fifth largest earthen dam in the world, Garrison Dam. People can watch the Northern Lights dance Lake Sakakawea. 

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Happy National North Dakota Day 2020: Celebrations


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To observe the celebrations of the Happy National North Dakota Day 2020, the state urges people to simply celebrate the state. They encourage people to step out and meet the amazing people of North Dakota and enjoy the lush locations that the state has to offer. People can go on and explore the prairies and the badlands of the state. The state has a rich history and a range of place to explore. The National Day Calendar website suggests that when can simply post a picture of wherever they are in the state and celebrate the day with the #NationalNorthDakotaDay

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