All Facts You Need To Know About World Vegan Day Celebration


Vegan Day is celebrated in different parts of the world to advocate veganism and its way of life; veganism promotes a healthy, kind, and balanced lifestyle

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World vegan day

World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 every year to celebrate the vegan lifestyle. The genesis of this celebration is attributed to Louise Wallis, who proposed the idea in 1994 as Chairman of the Vegan Society in the UK. Today, Vegan Day is celebrated in different parts of the world to advocate veganism and its way of life.

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What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle derived from the philosophy that aims to avoid all forms of exploitation of animals, be it for food, clothing, or any other purpose that is cruel. As an alternative, it promotes benefits towards animals, humans, and the environment. It advocates a diet that dispenses with all products derived partly or wholly from animals.

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Vegan Day celebrations

The best part about World Vegan Day is that no rigid format is followed. Even the chosen date follows Halloween and coincides with the Day of the Dead, which is considered auspicious. The Vegan Society was born in November 1944 without a particular date ascribed to it. The global celebrations include sharing facts about veganism through seminars, exhibitions, debates, and workshops. It is an ideal day to absorb vegan facts and learn, share, and interact with friends and other well-wishers. The day may influence individuals to appreciate the benefits of veganism and adopt the lifestyle.

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Ways to embrace vegan living

Among the many ways to embrace a vegan lifestyle is to adopt a plant-based diet devoid of any animal product or source. The next major step is to refrain from using any animal-based material and avoid all types of entertainment related to animals like zoos, circus shows, or aquariums. Veganism as a philosophy has gained many adherents. Celebrity advocates help spread awareness of the vegan way of life when they openly extol the values of veganism. Celebrities like James Cameron, Pamela Anderson, Stevie Wonder, and Alicia Silverstone, to name a few, do encourage others to embrace vegan ways and protect the environment as a whole.

Veganism as a way of life is not only about diets but also about awareness and compassion  

Celebrations of World Vegan Day is not just about celebrating the Vegan Society and sharing vegan day facts but also to propagate the need for compassionate living. Vegans believe that exploitation of animals for various purposes, primarily for food, is the first inequity to comprehend and eschew. Vegans today actively promote diets comprising fruits and vegetables apart from other plant-based ingredients.  Vegans also discourage the use of animal products in our lifestyle in general. Thus clothes, accessories, make-up, and bathroom items that have animal origins are consciously avoided. It does help that there are over 30K products available worldwide with Vegan Trademark. It is an international standard defined by the Vegan Society for authentic vegan products and registered in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and India to support a vegan lifestyle.

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