Best Food In Bangkok: Top 'Thai Cuisine' Dishes You Must Try


Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations for its food culture. Here are the top 'Thai cuisine' dishes you should try if you visit the city

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best food in bangkok

Bangkok is one city that is widely popular for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life. Glittering with lights, Bangkok is packed up with various tourist spots and eateries (majorly street food). It is a heaven for foodies and it attracts people from all over the world to try the delicacies it offers. It is often touted as the 'night-life capital' of South East Asia. If a vacation in Bangkok tops your list, you should definitely try these listed foodstuffs.

Here is all you need to try from the ‘Thai cuisine’ in Bangkok

1. Khao Phat: Khao Phat is one of the most popular dishes in Bangkok, Thailand. It is majorly a rice dish, eaten with chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, pineapple or coconut. This dish is popularly called 'Khao Phat shrimp fried rice'. With a splash of soya sauce and fish oil, this dish is one of the authentic delicacies to try in Bangkok. Club this platter with Thai crepes- small tacos stuffed with whipped cream and coconut, and you would not regret it. 

2. Pad Thai noodles: Bangkok’s 'Michelin' food street and Thipsamai restaurant is very famous for Pad Thai noodles. If you visit Bangkok, you cannot come back without trying these noodles. Served with green cilantro, pepper flakes, lime and shrimp, Pad Thai is considered to be Bangkok's comfort food. You can devour this lip-smacking dish on the streets of Silom Road, Soi cowboy and Khaosan Road. Pad Thai is always rated as the best food in Bangkok by various tourist sites.

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3. Tom Yung Goong: When you are on a local tour in Bangkok, you must try this authentic spicy soup that is readily available on the streets of the city and in niche restaurants too. It is majorly served with a giant lobster or shrimp. The shrimp soup is mainly on the spicy side that is loved by few.

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4. Isaan Northeastern Thai cuisine: The northeastern side of Bangkok, Thailand, is the ultimate food destination in Bangkok. From exotic chilli peppers to basa pot rice and spicy noodle curries, the northeast of Bangkok is a paradise for food lovers. Every corner here is over-loaded with people wanting to explore the best dishes here.

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5. Spicy papaya salad with broiled chicken: Som tam- a spicy salad filled with papaya slices, majorly served with broiled chicken and sorted veggies will be a delight to your hunger pangs. This salad is a sour and spicy salad richly flavoured with lemongrass, fish sauce, sweet tomatoes and crunchy peanuts. It ranks low on calories that becomes a win-win dish for tourist. 

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