Best Foods In Cambodia: Tasty Dishes That You Cannot Miss


Check out the list of the best foods in Cambodia which you should not miss when you visit the country; read on to know more about the street food of Cambodia

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best food in cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most prominent South-Eastern countries, popular for tourism. The food, culture and traditions of Cambodia attract many tourists every year. The Cambodian cuisine is-and-should be-a part of your tour when you are visiting the country. Whenever one is visiting the country, there are some traditional Cambodian dishes that one should never miss. Read on to know more about the best Cambodian dishes you must enjoy on your trip.

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Best dishes to try in Cambodia

Fish amok

Fish amok is probably the most popular Cambodian dish. It is made from rich and creamy curry-like sauce. The dish has the perfect balance of ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk. All the ingredients are mixed and are served on banana leaf cups with coconut cream on top. Another form is amok chouk-snails with curry steamed in their shells.

Lap Khmer (Lime marinated Khmer beef salad)

The dish is made from thinly sliced beef that is quickly seared or marinated with lime juice, lemongrass, shallot, garlic, fish sauce, Asian basil, mint, and bell peppers. All the ingredients are garnished with lots of chillies. For those who do not like too spicy dishes, this dish will come with a high kick.

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Balut or duck foetal egg is one of the most exotic dishes in Cambodian. The dish is a fertilised embryo which the locals gorge upon. Balut is a must-try for those who love different food and wants to enjoy the local culture. The dish is normally eaten with generous amounts of salt and pepper along with a sprinkle of lime juice.

Grilled Skewers

Probably one of the least messy and most filling dishes from Cambodia. The skewers with meat are the popular street food in Cambodia. These meals are quite proteinous and healthy. Also, most night markets in Cambodia will be full of stalls selling grilled skewers.

Coconut Ice Cream

The ice cream served in Cambodia reminds you of the famous Thai dessert. Very few people know that Cambodian street food recipes are quite interesting, and this is the perfect example of that. The ice cream is served with the baguette (making it an ice cream sandwich) or chocolate wafers along with a drizzle of peanuts atop. 

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