BIRYANI : Here Is A List Of Various Types Of Biryanis To Try In Mumbai At Specific Places


Mumbai serves different types of Biryanis in many of the special places. Check out these different types of biryani in Mumbai at different outlets. Have a look!

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Biryani is one of the favourite dishes in India. Delicious and mouth-watering biryani is a food item that no one can avoid. Ingredients like meat and chicken, fragrant rice, and mouth-watering spices make biryani the food-lovers favourite dish. Biryani is served in many variations and is popular in different parts of the world. Mostly, Lucknow and Delhi are some of the finest hubs for biryani. However, now, even Mumbai is becoming famous for different types of Biryanis. Check out these different types of biryani offered at popular outlets in Mumbai to try on your next outing-

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Different types of biryanis to try in Mumbai

Chicken Biryani at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar succeeded to live up to the hype for nearly 45 years now. It was established in 1973. Whether it is their Biryani Chicken or even their Tikka Biryani Chicken, this place is the best biryani joint, loved by all foodies. Some well-known outlets of this biryani stop are located in Mahim, Grant road, Marine Lines, Jogeshwari, Vashi, and Mohammad Ali Road.

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Chicken White Biryani at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Noor Mohammadi Hotel is a very popular biryani joint which is in business for the last 94 years. Noor Mohammadi Hotel has achieved to carve a position for itself among the meat lovers in the city. A lot of people are not aware that they serve a very unique version of the biryani. Known as the Chicken White Biryani, this version is very different from other biryanis over there.

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Gosht Biryani at Zaffran

A Biryani list is incomplete without adding Zaffran to it. The next time you want to get some great Biryani, just head over to Zaffran and order the 'gosht biryani.' The meat is juicy and delicious; it is just the right amount of spices a biryani includes. 

Boneless Chicken Biryani at Hotel Deluxe

Boneless Chicken Biryani at Hotel Deluxe is a must-try biryani type in Mumbai. This different type of biryani is heavily spiced, cooked with short-grained rice as divergent to the traditional long-grained basmati rice. It is also sopped with plentiful amount of ghee.

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