Breakfast Hacks: Different Ways To Add Oats To Your Breakfast


Breakfast hacks are alternatives to save you from that boring bland breakfast every day. Here are different ways to include oats to your breakfast. Read more.

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Breakfast hacks

Oatmeal is one of the most preferred everyday breakfast item as it is nutritious and also health experts suggest to have it every day. A bowl of oatmeal topped with a medley of nuts and fruits maybe a treat for some every day while it may not be for people who prefer having a different breakfast every day. However, how amazing it would be to have the nutrition of oats without having the same breakfast every day? Here are ways to add this healthy option to your breakfast and even other meals.

Oat flour

Instead of biting the grain, you can break it down into fine flour. Just put the desired quantity into a mixer and grind it. You can make idlis, pancakes, upma, or dosa. This is the best way to have the nutrition of oats and a different delicacy every day.

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Make a smoothie

A refreshing juice, a creamy shake, or a zesty smoothie in the morning can do wonders to uplift up senses and energise the body. If you want to skip eating oats, better still, drink them. Just throw in some oats with other ingredients, blend them all together to make your desired concoction. A word of advice here - try using rolled or instant oats as the steel-cut oats will make the drink a bit too dense to sip. You can add chia seeds for more nutrition.

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If you have a sweet tooth, you can totally add oats to your dessert. This is also a great way to feed oats to your kids. You can delicious cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and other delicious treats.

Not only at breakfast, but you can also enjoy your favourite cocktail drinks with rolled oats. For those diet conscious people who love to party, having a cocktail that has a content of alcohol is not an option. Therefore, you can add rolled oats to it and treat yourself with a healthy cocktail. It can be infused with rum, vodka, or whiskey, but with rolled oats, it won't cause a problem in your digestive system.

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