Breaking Down The Rock's Saturday Cheat Meal: How Many Calories Is That Feast?


Being a 6 ft 5 in, 118 kg professional wrestler-turned-action movie star can be hard work. And the Rock works harder than most! So when he earns a well deserved meal, it can be quite big

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Being a 6 ft 5 in, 118 kg professional wrestler is not an easy thing indeed. It is no doubt that the amount of energy wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson also known by his ring name 'The Rock' puts in his workout sessions is hard to match.

The Hollywood superstar is one of the best-paid actors in the industry right now. In fact, he is the winner of the tag of the 'sexiest man alive'. The 'Fast and Furious' star who is prepping for the release of his upcoming venture 'Rampage', is all set to team up with a King-Kong-like creature on-screen to take on other monsters.

And with just two weeks to go, the Rock's efforts have led to him building up a massive appetite. Basically, the Rock is hungry, and he's loading up by eating nothing less than the following:

  • 32 individual sushi rolls
  • What looks like an 8-story tower of banana and chocolate chip pancakes.

Here's proof:

Positing the image of his 'cheat meal', the actor took to Instagram and wrote, " Veni, vini, vici. Well earned late Sunday night cheat meal. Sush and banana, chocolate chip pancakes. Hello, sugar sweats by 2 am."

Now, here's how many 2 am calories that is:

  • Sushi: 450 calories per 8 rolls, as per That means 1800 calories in sushi alone
  • Banana chocolate chip pancakes: 8 pancakes adds up to 1500 calories, as per 'my fitness pal'.

So the Rock's late-night snack is a massive 3300 calories!

As per nutritiondata.self, a man of the Rock's size and weight has a daily calorie expenditure of 3807 calories! So he's about 8 sushi rolls short...

Dwayne The Rock, the fitness enthusiast and social media influencer, is known for having one of the largest fan bases across the globe. He is also counted as one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. His film 'Rampage' is all set to hit the theaters in the coming month. 

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