Children's Day: Delicious Snacks & Foods Ideas For Your Kids


Children's day: Choose the yummy food items and snacks to prepare for your children from the given ideas, and let your kids enjoy a delightful and happy day!

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Children's day

Children’s day is celebrated on 14th November, the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as a grand festival due to his love for children. He was lovingly recognised as "Chacha Nehru" by children out of affection and respect. Schools organise different cultural programs and events on this day. Kids participate in various competitions, such as field events, painting, art and crafts, singing, dancing, elocution, and others. As the day is celebrated for kids, delicious and lip-smacking food for kids are bound to be made. This section brings some mouth-watering and sumptuous food items that kids love to eat and are also healthy for them. Choose the food items you want to prepare for your children from the below-given ideas, and let your kids enjoy a delightful Children’s Day!

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For Breakfast

Miniature Idlis

Miniature idli is a popular breakfast option for kids. It is a healthy food option that takes very less time to prepare.

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes

Vegetable tofu pancakes make a yummy delight for breakfast, letting the kids start off with a healthy option.

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For lip-smacking snacks

Finger Pizza

Kids love to eat yummy snacks as they are light and easy to digest. Finger pizza is an appetising snack, unlike the usual pizza. Children will love eating these finger pizzas on this occasion.

Popcorn Balls

Appealing and tasty foods are made for children on the special occasion of Children’s Day. Popcorn balls are one such appetising and delectable snack that are easy to make and widely loved by the kids. It is also light on the stomach, and hence children will enjoy this dish.

Cheesy Pickups

Cheesy pickups are just yummy and inviting, and kids enjoy this food item immensely. Make your kids feel special on this day by cooking some delicious snacks for them to gorge on.

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For desserts

Raisin Walnut Cookies

Raisin walnut cookies are appealing and easy to make. Let your kids relish these mouth-watering cookies on Children’s Day, and have a great time.

Apple Cupcakes

Apple cupcakes are one of the yummiest desserts that can be served after an appetising meal. Moist, tasty and purely tempting, these apple cupcakes are pleasing on the tastebuds and a major hit with children.

Pista Malai Ice Cream

All kids love to eat ice cream. So, if you are trying for the recipe of making one such ice cream, then you can opt for a pista malai ice-cream treat. 

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