Halloween: Some Easy No-bake Recipes For Trick-or-treating This Year


With Halloween 2019 coming closer, here are a few lip-smacking no-bake recipes that you can make for trick-or-treating this year, with friends and family

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October is a month of festivities, especially in India where the month is full of Indian occasions and other western festivals which are widely celebrated such as Halloween. Halloween, also known as All Hallow's Eve, is celebrated across the world on October 31. During Halloween, people go trick-or-treating, participate in costume parties, carve jack-o-lanterns in pumpkins and much more. Many host parties and food typical of Halloween is served. Here are some popular no-bake recipes that you can make for trick-or-treating on Halloween this year.

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No-bake Halloween Recipes

Boo Bark


  1. Melted Chocolate
  2. Candies
  3. Vanilla Candy Coating
  4. Festive Sprinkles


Take a platter and spread the melted chocolate over it. Put drops of vanilla candy coating and with the help of a toothpick carve it into ghosts. Add some candies and festive sprinkles and let it cool down. Cut the Boo Bark into pieces, and your spooky Halloween no-bake dish is ready. Happy Trick-or-treating.

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Apple Teeth Sandwiches


  1. Apple slices (red or green as preferred)
  2. Mini Marshmallows
  3. Peanut Butter


Take a slice of apple and spread the peanut butter over it. Then add the mini marshmallows (add four to five). Take another slice of apple and spread the peanut butter as earlier. Cover the marshmallow-topped slice of apple with the second slice you prepared (just like in sandwiches). Repeat the steps and make a few more. Your no-bake Halloween recipe is ready. Happy Halloween!

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Graveyard Dirt Cups


  1. Chocolate Cookies
  2. Chocolate Pudding
  3. Halloween Garnishings (Edible Bones, Skulls and Tombstones)


Take the chocolate cookies and blend them into an excellent soil-like texture. Take a cup, and make a thick layer of the crushed chocolate cookies. Then make a layer of the chocolate pudding. Keep repeating the steps until the container is filled. Add a final layer of crushed chocolate cookies, and garnish it with edible Halloween garnishings like bones, skulls and tombstones. Repeat the entire process and make a few more. Your spooky no-bake Halloween dish is ready.

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Marshmallow Monsters


  1. Regular sized Marshmallows
  2. Candy Melts (various colours)
  3. Candy Eyes
  4. Festive Sprinkles


Take the marshmallows and stand them on a wax paper. Melt the candy melts as per the instructions. Take a spoon and pour the melted candies on the marshmallows. Also, add the edible candy eyes and festive sprinkles before the candy melt hardens out. Make sure the candy is hard before taking the marshmallows from the wax papers. Cute and spooky no-bake Marshmallow monsters are ready to eat. Happy Trick-or-treating!

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