Best Food In Istanbul: Turkish Cuisine To Eat While On A Vacation


Istanbul receives a great footfall of tourists and visitors from all over the world every year. Here is a sneak into the best food items from the city.

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best food in istanbul

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is one of the most famous places in the world. It is also the most populous city in Turkey. Istanbul is famous for its spices and key ingredients all over the world. The place is a true delight for foodies and dishes explored inside the city can give you some real food cravings. So keep your taste buds ready if you are planning to visit Istanbul. Here is a list of the five best food dishes to eat in the city.

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Top 5 things to eat in Istanbul

1.      Pide

Pide can basically be considered as Turkish pizza. It is mostly cooked in an oval-shaped dough which is filled with ingredients and also filled with toppings like cheese, meat and vegetables. It is also a reason which will make you visit Istanbul again. It is actually a pizza without spicy tomato sauce.

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2.      Menemen

Menemen is a very popular Turkish dish that is eaten for breakfast. It is delicious and will remind you of some Latin American eggs with some unique taste of spices in it. It is made up of eggs, tomatoes, green peppers and amazing spices. It gives you major food goals to accomplish.

3.      Mussels

Mussels is a popular street food item in Istanbul. It is usually sold in small streets and casual-dining restaurants. The lovely smell and look of the dish is a nasal and visual delight equally. It is an affordable dish that is also enjoyed by many locals and tourists in the city.

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4.      Baklaava

Baklaava is one of the finest Turkish desserts. The thin layer of nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts inside makes you crave for it even more. The nuts are spread widely in between. Baklaava has to be made fresh and masterfully. Its excellence depends upon the good quality of flour and syrup used for baking.

5.      Adana Kebap

This Kebap is a real treat for all meat lovers. The name is kept after the city of Adana, which lies in the southeastern part of the country. It requires some real efforts to make a good kebap. The living conditions of the animal also matter a lot.

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