Pav: Here Are 5 Popular Dishes That Are Accompanied With Pav


Pav is a baked bun that is popular in India and is very similar to a dinner roll. Read more about some of the dishes where pav plays an essential role.

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Pav is a baked bun which is popular in India and very similar to a dinner roll. The popular side dish is used in every basic meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are certain snacks that cannot be served without a pav. Here are some popular dishes where pav plays an essential role.

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Here are 5 dishes that are served with pav:

Vada pav

Pav is sometimes indispensable in a dish, as it is in a vada pav. Vada pav is a world-famous dish originating from Maharastra. Vada is a very common snack in India, but adding pav with it makes it a completely different dish. The snack is also very popular in Mumbai, and having a convenient snack goes well along with the fast pace of the city.

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This is a dish that has been introduced to the world by Gujaratis. This a very common snack in Gujarat and has originated from there. The snack is very delicious and is made with mashed potatoes mixed with special dabeli masala. The mixture of the two is served inside a grilled pav and topped with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

Misal pav

This dish is a very popular breakfast of the huge amount of people in Maharastra. The dish is a very spicy gravy made of moth beans and is served with some onions, lemon, and coriander. The dish is accompanied by some pav, and the best thing to go along with the spicy meal is some buttermilk. The dish is loved by fans so much that they have festivals where cooks come from all over the country to show the authentic way to eat misal pav.

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Anda pav 

Anda pav is a very convenient dish that is famous all over India. The easy availability of egg makes it very convenient for people to prepare multiple dishes with the egg and pav combination. There are many variations of the dish like omelette pav, bhurji pav, and the original anda pav. The dish is  served with some chutney and onions. 

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Pav bhaji 

Pav bhaji is a very famous dish in Mumbai. People travel from all over the world to taste buttery pav bhaji. It is basically a mash of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, green peas, etc mixed well with pav bhaji masala and a huge amount of butter. The dish is served with some chopped onions and lemon. The pav is toasted on a tawa with some butter, which makes it very irresistible.

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