Published 09:33 IST, February 5th 2024

Starbucks Faces Backlash For Its New Olive Oil Infused Coffee, Consumers Claim Its Laxative

Starbucks' new olive oil infused coffee slammed by its consumers for 'laxative' side effects.

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Starbucks Faces Backlash For Its Olive Oil Infused Coffee | Image: Unsplash

Olive oil is well known for its multiple health benefits. Obtained by pressing whole olives, the superfood is used in cosmetics as well as multiple food items. Now, it is also being used in coffee. One of the biggest coffee chains in the world, Starbucks, has introduced its olive oil-infused coffee range to all US stores. However, it did not sit well with the customers as many have been complaining about its unwanted side effects. 

The drink debuted in Italy last year and was introduced to North American markets this week, including the US and Canada. It is also available in London, Paris, Osaka and Tokyo.

File photo of Starbucks drink | Image: Unsplash 

Foodies review Starbucks’ new beverage 

People trying this beverage have shared mixed reviews with most claiming that it is laxative. One person took to X and wrote"the Oleato at Starbucks is a legit laxative." One poster, who claimed to be a Starbucks employee, wrote that peers at the coffee chain needed to visit the restroom after consuming the drink because of its perceived laxative effect. For many, the coffee-oil combo triggered a stomach ache and diarrhoea.

Ever since its launch in the US, the coffee chain has caused quite a stir on social media. “The new drink from Starbucks, Oleato, is the only drink I've gotten from there that makes me want to throw up. It's SO bad,” wrote one X user.


According to Daily Mail, the beverage is made by mixing coffee with a spoonful of Partanna cold-pressed extra-virgin oil. The oil can also be added to its Iced Shaken Espresso beverage. It can further be paired with oat milk and hazelnut. 

File photo of Starbucks store | Image: Unsplash

Starbucks, in a statement about the drink, said, “Infused with award-winning Partanna extra virgin olive oil, Oleato is more than a drink. It is a revelation in coffee, one that is luxurious and next-level. Once an idea, today a drinking experience is available nationwide.'


It added the drinks will be on sale in locations, including grocery stores, college campuses and airports. 

09:33 IST, February 5th 2024