Vegetable Chinese Samosa Recipe: How To Make This Lip-smacking Snack At Home


Chinese samosa is a twist given by Indians to the original samosa which is one of the most loved Indian snacks; here is the recipe

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vegetable chines samosa

Samosas do not need an introduction in India as it is one of India's most popular snacks. The filling of potato mix veggie in the triangular based bread is a fantastic combination. However, Indians are great at their creativity and know well how to add world flavours to Indian recipes. One such dish is Chinese Samosa.

Chinese Samosa is an innovative dish made from the combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine. It can be served as a snack or as an appetizer at a party or any kind of get together. Made of refined flour, veggies, noodles, and soy sauce, these samosas are quite delicious, says food lovers from almost every age group. Here is the easiest recipe to prepare Chinese Samosa.

Step 1- Getting ready

To boil the noodles, take enough water in a vessel to submerge the noodles and place it on the flame to simmer. When the water starts boiling, add one tablespoon of oil along with noodles in it and cook until the noodles become slightly tender. Then strain the noodles through a sieve and wash them under running water followed by transferring them into a bowl. 

Step 2- Making

Take refined flour in a big mixing bowl and add crushed carom seeds, salt and ghee and mix uniformly. Now add water in small portions and knead the hard dough. More than ¼ cup of water is required for kneading this much quantity of flour. Cover and keep the dough aside for 20 minutes to set. In the meantime, prepare the stuffing. For this, place a pan on the flame and pour two tablespoons of oil in it.

Add ginger, green chilli and saute them for a while when the oil gets heated. Then add green peas, carrot, mushroom, salt, red chilly powder, soy sauce, lemon juice, and green coriander in the masala and stir fry them for up to 2 minutes. Add noodles to the pan and stir until everything is mixed properly. The stuffing for the samosa is ready.

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Step 3- Filling

The dough must be ready in 20 minutes. Take it, slightly knead it and divide it into 4 equal parts. Roll each lump into small pedha. Take one pedha and roll out it into a thin oval-shaped chapati. Cut the chapati into two equal halves, take one part and apply some water on its edges and fold and stick it into a cone. Put some noodles stuffing into the cone keeping some space vacant. Now once again apply some water on its edges and give a flat base at the backside of the cone. Then stick the edges together to close the stuffing and pour them into the boiling oil. Fry them until they become crispy and yes, Chinese Samosas are ready to serve.

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