Vitamin C Sources: Here Are Some Incredible Benefits Of Vitamin C For Your Body


Vitamin C sources: There are numerous ways of making sure that vitamin C intake in your body is up to mark. So, here are some great benefits of Vitamin-C.

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vitamin C sources

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that our body requires in order to meet up the necessities of the body like the skin, hair, and also the healthy immunity. This supernatural vitamin makes you look beautiful with glowing skin, but also fights cold, chronic diseases, blood pressure, and other several diseases. However, it is important to fulfil the requirements of this vitamin through external sources in our body, because this vitamin is not made in our body. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is around 70 milligrams for women and near 90 milligrams for men. There are numerous ways of making sure that vitamin C intake in your body is up to mark. So, here are some great benefits of Vitamin-C:

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Incredible benefits of Vitamin C

It reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Vitamin C makes your body stronger and strengthens all the natural defences as it contains strong antioxidants. It helps in boosting the immune system and ensuring it to be healthy. Vitamin C protects our cells from dangerous free radicals. Free radicals can promote oxidative stress which leads to many chronic diseases. Medical studies show that consuming proper vitamin C can escalate your blood's antioxidant levels up by 30%.

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Helps in reducing high blood pressure

Many people nowadays suffer from blood pressure problems, and that is a serious issue. Reportedly, high blood pressure can put you at the risk of heart disease. Medical studies prove that vitamin C can also help lower your blood pressure.

Prevents common cold

Vitamin C is an essential part of medication when it comes to preventing your common cold. Vitamin C appears to be the most vital vitamin to reduce the severity of colds. 

Improves the quality of the skin

Vitamin C is very important for stimulating collagen production in the skin and enhancing your skin quality. This magical vitamin especially treats acne and other skin conditions very well. You should include a lot of vitamin C in your daily diet by eating a lot of fruits and green vegetables.

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DISCLAIMER: Though amazing health benefits can be derived from vitamin-C, it is suggested to consult a professional medical expert for its health benefits. Kindly seek advice or instruction from a medical practitioner before its consumption or use.

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