Wine | Different Types Of Wine Glasses You Could Benefit From Knowing


In addition to proper serving temperatures, each type of wine requires a specific type of glass for the servings. Here are the different types of wine glasses

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Whether dry or sweet, red or white, light or robust, wine requires very specific serving procedures in order to reach its full-flavoured potential. In addition to proper serving temperatures, each type of wine requires a specific type of glass for the servings. Here are the different types of wine glasses available. Take a look-

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Different types of wine glasses

Red wine glasses

Characteristics of a red wine glass-

  • Large glass with a full, round bowl and large opening.
  • The broad opening enables you to dip your nose inside to detect the aroma.
  • The full bowl provides air contact for the complex aromas and flavours.
  • Increases the oxidation rate, which smooths out the complex flavours

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Pinot Noir Glass

  • Type of wines- Pinot Noir and other light red wines.
  • It has a large bowl, with a narrow top that directs wine to the tip of the tongue, allowing the drinker to detect flavour nuances.
  • The broad bowl allows aromas of delicate wines to accumulate.
  • It has a thin rim that makes it easy to drink from.

Bordeaux Glass

  • Type of wines- Full-bodied heavier red wines, like Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and so on.
  • It is the tallest red wine glass. It has a broad bowl but not as broad as the Pinot Noir glass.
  • The height of the glass creates distance between wine and mouth, which enables ethanol to dissipate on the nose. This allows more oxygen to soften the tannins (tannins contribute to the wine’s bitterness).
  • Directs wine to the back of the mouth, minimising bitterness and maximising the flavour spectrum.

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White wine glasses

Characteristics of a white wine glass-

  • Bowl is more u-shaped and upright than a red wine glass.
  • Slightly smaller bowl than a red wine glass.
  • The shape enhances and preserves aromas while also maintaining the wine’s cool temperature.

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Sauvignon Blanc Glass

  • Types of wines- Sauvignon Blanc and other light to medium-bodied, fruity or floral wines.
  • It is a tall glass with a slender bowl, that captures the nuanced, delicate floral and fruit aromas and guides the aroma straight to the nose.
  • This glass causes the tongue to form a U-shape, directing the wine down the front towards the centre of the palate, causing a smoother sip.

Chardonnay Wine Glass

  • Type of wines- Chardonnay and other full-bodied wines. 
  • It has a larger opening than Sauvignon Blanc Glass, that guides the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue, enabling the palate to detect the sweetness of the wine.
  • It’s a balancing act as the bowl provides just enough aeration to concentrate the aroma while the larger opening balances out the sweetness and acidity on the palate.
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