World Food Day: Explore What Maharashtrian Cuisine Has To Offer


World Food Day, 2019, explore the delectable platter that Maharashtrian cuisine has to offer. Keep reading further to learn more about the maharashtrian cuisine

Written By Sheryl Shaji | Mumbai | Updated On:
world food day

This World Food Day, take a sneak peek into one of the most delectable cuisines served as well as consumed by the Maharashtrians. Take yourselves for a joy ride while reading about the variety of food items that Maharashtra has to present.  World Food Day has got to be one of the most celebrated days as it highlights an important aspect of our lives which is 'food'. Food is an essential element, which is the basic and fundamental need of humans. This World Food Day, 2019, let us go back in time and reminisce the cuisines that Maharashtra is famous for and see what all Maharashtra has to offer.


From among all the Indian cuisines, Maharashtrian food is considered to be one of the best. The Maharashtrian cuisine is spread across the boundaries of having a specific variety of food items consumed by the Maharashtrians residing in the rural and urban areas, accordingly. The basic food items that one must have definitely heard of would be; the hot curry 'taambda rassa', mouth-watering 'popati', finger-licking 'kolambi pulao', colourful 'solkadhi', lip-smacking 'puran poli', the king of desserts 'modak' and a lot more. Maharashtrian food tends to favour the spicy palate.


Take a look at Maharashtra's delectable cuisine

On World Food Day, 2019, embrace the different Indian cuisines that the country is proud to have and emphasise on how we stay connected to our traditional roots by celebrating the Indian cuisines in their full glory. Maharashtra has a history when it comes to certain food items and dishes that have been consumed since generations. This makes it a tradition that is still alive in the lanes of Maharashtra. The food items range from the staple grains to meat and poultry, sea-food and a lot of thirst quenchers which helps beat the heat during summers.

Many of the food items were served since ages to the kings and their subjects who resided in the state, thus running down from generation to generation, became a running tradition. Maharashtrian cuisine does not only include the traditional food dishes like pandhera rassa, kothimbir vada or puran polis. It has also caught up with the modern-day, having specific food items which can be had on-the-go like; vada-pav, missal-pav, kaandha poha, halwa and many other dishes which will make one drool. Indian cuisine which varies from dish to dish, integrating different cultures and traditions makes one intrigued as it includes some special ingredients, spices and herbs which makes it stand out from the rest of the cuisines of the world.


World Food Day, 2019 celebrates the distinctive dishes that India has to offer, as well as, tells us how each and every cuisine has a story of its own. Maharashtrian cuisine being one of the best cuisines from among the Indian cuisines, makes itself stand out from the rest of the world. Maharashtrian food varies from sweet to mild and also has an array of options when it comes to spicy, hot curries. Indian cuisine stands out from the rest of the world as it touches upon all different kinds of food items which are essential to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This World Food Day, 2019, give in to the delights of the Maharashtrian cuisine and go exploring to learn more about the various cuisines on offer.

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