5 Eyeliner Styles That Will Help You Change Your Look Completely


Try out these five eyeliner styles that will bring out your eyes and glam up your style quotient. You can experiment with your looks or change it completely

Written By Shruti Mukherjee | Mumbai | Updated On:
eyeliner styles

A bottle of eyeliner is generally present as a staple in every vanity bag. Eyeliners easily define the eyes and give an edgy but subtle look. Eyeliners are usually a girl’s best friend. A lot can be done with this simple art of makeup as it caters to every trend you want to try out.

Here are five eyeliner styles that will take care of your fashion statement:

1. The classic eyeliner style

This is something beginners should try. Draw a thin line starting from the inner corner of your eyelid and end it just before the outer corner. It is easy to apply and goes with almost any outfit. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, you can choose to apply coloured eyeliners.

2. The winged-eyeliner style

The winged eyeliner style is just a twist on the classic eyeliner style. Extend the ends to the outermost corner of your eye. It is also the eyeliner style you see on Cleopatra. Adding some mascara to your eyes will further highlight them. It will be a subtle but dramatic effect. This style can also be used to instantly change from a day look to a night look just by making the line thicker.

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3. The double-wing eyeliner style

This style appears complicated but is actually easy to draw. Just draw a simple wing and then draw another line either below or above that. You can add some drama to your look by extending the inner portion of the line drawn. You can also opt for two different coloured eyeliners. This is a high fashion look and will make you look runway-ready.

4. The cat-eyeliner style

This is a very elegant style which will take your glam quotient up by several notches. But this style is a bit tricky. First, draw along the upper lash line. Next, find the right angle at which to flick your stroke into a wing. You start by drawing dots and outlining the wing. Connect the dots when you are satisfied with the effect it creates on your eyelid. You can play around with the thickness of your liner and get the fierce feminine look in place.

5.  Make your own eyeliner style

Once you are confident about your style, you can always go for bolder and colourful looks. Add a metallic tint to your eyes or do them up with shimmer, as long as it suits your personality. You can choose your eyeliner styles based on the shape of your eyes. The top lash line should be well defined; otherwise, it ends up spoiling your whole look.

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