5 Mistakes Young Women Make While Tackling Physical Aches

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:
Have you been dealing with physical aches for a long time? Don't worry, you'll be alright, just don't make the common mistakes that young women tend to, which eventually exacerbate the condition. A recent workshop in Mumbai called 'Wholistic Health and Fitness' raised these 5 common mistakes that young women make while tackling their physical aches.
Neglecting the fact that you are young

The very first and most common mistake young girls make while going through their physical aches, is letting the pain completely overpower them. You start behaving like a 80-year-old grannie who is always complaining about her aches in an excuse to stop doing the regular chores, except in your case you just take it for granted and simply turn into a couch potato. You are young, feel young! You need to mentally feel healthy about your own self, only then will your body be treated with other medications.

Not being patient

Sometimes the medication may take more time to kick in than what you expected. Your body needs time to heal. You cannot always expect to be healed overnight. The mistake that young girls tend to make is to lose patience with therapies and end the struggle as soon as possible. Make the 'effort to get well soon' a part of your daily routine, and then see the wondrous impact on your physical health.

Bad posture

The pain can get unbearable at times, and you start adapting to it by adjusting your own body posture. In the struggle to be free of pain, you sit in a posture that is less painful
but could cause serious muscle imbalance in the future. Make it a habit to sit and walk in the right posture, so that when your body heals itself from pain, your correct posture will
only add to your comfort and guarantee better physical health.


The worst mistake that stops you from healing is denial. It is okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to not seek help. Being young girls, you often fear that your physical aches will cause societal negligence and people might judge you for pain at a young age. But you need to realize that running away from pain won't heal it but you might land up in a more critical situation. This is the time when you need to act smart and seek help, rather than burdening your aching body with the antagonism of an inferiority complex.

Becoming restless

There are times when the physical ache gets so inseparable from your body, that you become more and more frustrated. The frustration compels you to lose the faith of recovery and leaves you completely restless. You need to calm down and breathe some fresh air. Everything will be back to normal and you will get rid of the physical aches, but you need to keep inspiring yourself, rather than dimming the last ray of hope.