Beetroot Juice: Get The Health Benefits Of Drinking Beetroot Juice

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Beetroot juice benefits are immense, besides tasting naturally sweet. With a boatload of vitamins and minerals, this is the best way to have this vegetable. It is better to have raw beetroot juice instead of the cooked version of this vegetable because beets lose much of its nutrition when cooked. 
Beetroot juice benefits are even considered by nutritionists and dieticians. This brightly red coloured beauty is a power pack of nutrients, which include
•    Iron
•    Fibre
•    Calcium
•    Folic acid
•    Potassium
•    Magnesium
•    Amino acids
•    Phosphorous
•    Natural Sugars
•    Vitamin A, B and C.

Benefits of drinking beetroot juice

Beetroot is gaining popularity and is supposedly the new superfood around the corner. This is considered as one of the healthiest vegetables because it offers the following health benefits.

Fights cancer

Beetroot juice contains betacyanin; the reddish tint of beetroot is due to this pigment This anti-cancerous pigment eliminates the toxins which get into the body through chemotherapy. Betacyanin can also slow down the growth of tumour in the body. People suffering from breast, lung, skin and stomach cancer are known to get benefit from this natural drink.

Healthy and glowing skin

Drinking beetroot juice should be the first thing in the morning to flush out all the impurities and toxins which are residing within it. For this reason, beetroot juice benefits for skin are immense. This purified drink clears the bowel fast and thus removes any harmful content stuck in the colon. According to a common saying, beetroot juice gives a rosy and supple glow to the skin. Vitamin A, C and calcium prevents the skin from turning dull and flaky. The anti-inflammatory properties of beetroot juice can also prevent boils, pimples and acne.

Slows down the ageing process

This is a surprising health benefit of beetroot juice. The antioxidants present in the juice fights the free radicals and oxidation of the cells. This process helps in removing wrinkles, fights against skin problems and fine lines. A combination of carrot and beetroot even can protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays, which in turn assures a young and glowing face for years.

Good for hair care

The potassium and Vitamin C present in beetroot juice improves the structural integrity of the hair. Drinking beetroot juice daily repairs the hair follicles and prevents the breakage. Another beauty tip associated with beetroot juice is its natural colouring property. If beetroot juice is mixed with henna, the hair gets a natural reddish tint or auburn texture; this solution keeps the hair soft and safe from the harsh chemical hair colours.

Fights anaemia

Traditionally it has been believed that red-coloured vegetables are good for the eyes. Beetroot juice enhances the growth of red blood cells which in turn increases the amount of oxygen in the body. This iron-rich drink is thus perfect for disease caused due to iron deficiency, that is, anaemia. Reduced iron levels also make people weak and exhausted; regular consumption of beetroot juice relieves the body from these issues as well. Dieticians suggested a mix of amla and beetroot juice to increase the stock of iron in the body, which will, in turn, increase the haemoglobin in the body.

Improves eyesight

Beets are considered one of the top-rated veggies when it comes to improving eyesight. Vitamin B and C, lutein, dietary nutrients and zeaxanthin available in the beetroot are known to reduce eye floaters. Beetroot juice benefits the ocular and retinal functionality as well. A drink made with carrot, apple and beetroot boosts eye health.

Manage hypertension

Beetroots are concentrated in nitrates; this element is known to control the blood pressure levels. According to a study, both male and female participants of the research observed a considerable decrease in the systolic blood pressure 6 hours after having the beetroot juice. This earthy purple drink contains nitrates which are great for people with high blood pressure; nitrates are converted into nitrites and ultimately into nitric oxide. This gaseous chemical expands the blood vessels and normalizes the blood circulation.

Leads to weight loss

Beetroots are equipped with natural sugar. This element breaks the sugar into carbohydrates and transforms the same into energy. For this reason, beetroot juice can be a perfect energy drink to be consumed before the morning workout session; this helps to increase the stamina levels, moves the muscles and cuts down the additional fat.

Improves digestive power

If there is a sluggish feeling in the stomach, a glass of beetroot juice promotes digestion. Beetroot juice with pulp is filled with fibre. This regulates the digestive process and offers relief from constipation. The betaine present in beetroot juice increase the acid levels in the stomach which in turn improves digestion. 

Improves cardiac health

Beetroot juice makes the blood vessels flexible; this reduces the workload of the heart to carry on the daily activities. The juice lowers the risk of stiffening of the lower heart chambers and thus prevents heart attacks. This drink is suggested to elderly people to make their heart active and reduce the symptoms of heart failure.

When to drink beetroot juice?

To get the best benefits of beetroot juice, once should have it every day. To generate proper blood flow to the brain and muscles, it is best to drink this juice right before the workout.  

Some top beetroot recipes

To improve the taste of beetroot juice, this drink can be mixed with the following fruits or vegetables.
1.    Apple carrot beet juice
Blend apple, carrot and beetroot; strain the mixture and drink the juice immediately. 
2.    Cucumber mint beet juice
Peel and chop cucumber, mint and beetroot; squeeze the juice from the ingredients using a juicer and drink the fresh juice immediately.

Few points to keep in mind if interested to have beetroot juice daily are,
•    The urine can be pinkish.
•    There can be bowel movements.
So, increasing dietary intake of beetroot juice on a regular basis can make an individual healthy both internally and externally. So, start having this drink daily to get the beetroot juice benefits.


Note: Please consult your dietitian before proceeding with the aforementioned diet.