Benefits Of Cucumber Juice For Hair & Skin


Cucumber Juice: A Quick Recipe to Good Health. Read about the numerous benefits of cucumber juice which includes hydrating your skin and improving hair quality. Quick Tip – Cucumber Juice should be taken on an empty stomach.

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Cucumber is the 4th most produced fruit around the world. Benefits of cucumber juice are versatile. This deep green cucumber fruit leads to a flawless skin, enhances the internal strength and replenishes the lost nutrients in the body. The fruit is filled with nutrients which include
•    Iron
•    B- 6
•    Zinc
•    Silica
•    Foliate
•    Calcium
•    Vitamin C
•    Vitamin K
•    Riboflavin
•    Magnesium
•    Phosphorous
•    Pantothenic acid

Detoxifies the body

Cucumber juice adds lots of water, minerals and antioxidants to the body. This enables proper flushing of toxins from the body. Cucumber is a natural diuretic; this helps the elimination of toxins through urine. The fibre content in cucumber juice sweeps away all the toxins from the digestive system.

Hydrates the body

Cucumber contains lots of water. For this reason, a glass of cucumber juice keeps the body hydrated for the whole day. Dieticians usually suggest 6 to 8 glasses of water per day; cucumber juice can supplement some glasses of water if it becomes tough to have so many glasses of tasteless water. Cucumber adds additional bright and fresh flavour to the water.

Promote weight loss

Cucumber juice is a great energy drink. This refreshing natural fruit juice is devoid of sugar and cuts down calories from the diet; a whole cucumber contains only 45 calories. It improves the metabolism rate of the body and keeps the body full for long hours. Cucumber juice also helps in dissolving stubborn belly fat. So, cucumber juice is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Boosts muscle strength

Cucumber juice is also great for increasing muscle strength. Cucumber contains silica; this mineral keeps the connective tissues healthy. For this reason, gym trainers suggest mixing cucumber juice with water and drink after the workout.

Relieves constipation issues

The large quantity of water present in cucumber juice helps in smooth bowel movements. Cucumber is light on the stomach and is an organic laxative for the body. According to dieticians, the cucumber juice should be made from the fresh vegetables. The juice should not be refrigerated for long, as this might lead to the loss of nutrients and oxidation of the drink. Last but not the least; to get relief from constipation, cucumber water should be consumed before or between breakfast and lunch.

Boosts brain power

Cucumber contains flavonol named fisetin. This ingredient present in cucumber water protects aged people from Alzheimer's disease. this refreshing drink is a memory booster.

Cucumber juice benefits for skin

Cucumber water creates a healing process both internally and externally. As cucumber keeps the body hydrated, this will flush out the toxins and thus prevent pimples or acne; Vitamin B5 gives a healthy complexion to the body. Cucumber juice can also enable de-tanning of the skin. It acts as an astringent which even lightens the skin. The chilled cucumber pieces floating in the water can be directly applied to any part of the body which is red or inflamed. The pantothenic acid in the cucumber juice can cure this type of inflammation.
Cucumber juice should be applied over the skin in the following ways,
•    Squeeze juice from freshly grated cucumber.
•    Apply the cucumber juice on the face and hands.
•    The solution is washed off after 15- 20 minutes of application. 

In order to treat heat bumps and tighten skin pores, cucumber juice should be applied in the following ways,
•    A cucumber is blended to extract its juice.
•    Apple cider vinegar is added to the mixture.
•    The solution is slathered on the affected area.
•    Applying tomato pulp and aloe gel on the affected area can give better results.
While a thick solution of cucumber juice, ground coffee and honey fights cellulite, cucumber juice and oats treat blemishes. 

Cucumber juice benefits for hair

Cucumber juice can assure healthy and shining locks. Thus, nutrient-rich fruit offers healthy hair in the following ways,
•    The Vitamin A, C and silica content of cucumber juice repairs and add strength to the thin tresses of hair. Cucumber juice is generally combined with eggs and Aloe Vera to prepare an effective hair pack. This combination is directly applied to the scalp.
•    Only cucumber juice can be applied to the hair. After a massage, it is washed out after an hour.
Nutritionists and dieticians state the following benefits of cucumber juice on empty stomach because of the following reasons,

Delivers antioxidants

Free radicals lead to cell damage thereby enhancing the ageing process. Cucumber juice contains antioxidants like Vitamin C, beta- carotene, flavonoids and manganese. These repair cells and slows down the oxidation process within the body.

Helps in cancer prevention

Drinking a glass of cucumber juice every morning offers compounds like cucurbitacins and lignans to the body. These dietary flavonoids slow down the progression of prostate cancer. The antioxidants present in cucumber fight against free radicals present in the body; these are responsible for quick oxidation and cell damage. Cucumber water prevents both and thus offers some relief to different cancer patients. 

Controls hypertension

Primary reasons for high blood pressure or hypertension are excess salt and low potassium levels within the body. The high amount of salt in the body holds more amount of fluid which increases the blood pressure. Potassium is the electrolyte which regulates the sodium amount which is stored in the kidneys. Cucumbers are rich in potassium. This mineral gets rid of excess sodium present in the body and thus keeps blood pressure levels under control.

Strengthen the bones

This soft fruit is the source of strong bones! Cucumbers offer approximately 19% of the daily recommended Vitamin K. This vitamin type produces a protein which makes healthy bones and tissues. Cucumber juice also provides almost 22% of daily recommended calcium to the body. Silica and manganese in cucumber juice strengthen the bones. For this reason, regular intake of cucumber juice might reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Last but not least; cucumber water improves the blood clotting power of the body.

A jar of chilled cucumber water just does not contain all the benefits of cucumber juice but can also allure any health-conscious guest with its luxurious looks.

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