Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Skin: Face Packs To Give You Glowing Skin


Guava leaves can be your saviour when it comes to acne, blackheads oily skin, and other issues. Read on for home remedies which could give you flawless skin

Written By Simran Gandhi | Mumbai | Updated On:
guava leaves for skin

If fear of acne or blackheads is keeping you from enjoying the small joys of the everyday, here is why you should stop worrying. Guava, the sweet and sour fruit that is available in India in winters, can not only be a healthy option for breakfast but its leaves can also be a great solution for many of your skin problems! From solving acne problems to reducing blackheads, there are many benefits of guava leaves for skin. 

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How to use guava leaves for skin solutions


Guava can get rid your skin of the tiny dots on your face that are caused by clogging and pollution. Sprinkle some rose water on mashed guava leaves, apply it to your face and wash it off. This can work as a great scrub and can help you get clean skin, and open up your pores which then helps in the removal of blackheads from your face. Experts advise repeating the mask twice every week for a lasting impact.


Guava can also help you say no to acne. Guava leaves have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. They can help you fight harmful bacteria and to get clearer skin. Mash a couple of guava leaves and apply to the affected area and say goodbye to your acne. 

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Skin brightening

Guava can also help you with skin brightening. If you apply a guava leaf face pack every day, you may work your way towards a brighter skin. You may also blend pieces of guava fruit, two guava leaves, and four teaspoons of milk to form a paste. You need to slather this paste on your skin and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Oily skin

Guava leaves can also help you rid your skin of excess oil. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with some guava leaf paste, and use it as a face pack to have a fresher, clearer skin. Lemon is a great way to get rid of oily skin and the problems that come with it like spots and pimples. You may give it a try and treat yourself to glowing skin.

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