Eye Exercises: Easy Eye Exercises One Must Follow To Reduce Eye Strain


Eye strain at work is a very common thing to occur. Some studies suggest that one can overcome eye strain at home. Follow these exercises for fast results.

Written By Alifiya Shaiwala | Mumbai | Updated On:
eye exercises

Most people are facing trouble with their vision today. Some issues tend to be minor and go away on their own, but some eye problems need a specialist’s care. If one's vision is not what it used to be, then one must look into this matter and handle it calmly. According to medical reports, many people are facing vision issues due to the radiations of the screen that causes eye strain. One must inculcate the habit of following a few basic eye exercises to avoid the most minor issue with vision.

Why do most people face eye strain today

People who read for hours, or are stuck to the screen all day are likely to face vision issues. Eyestrain is a common condition today and is becoming even more frequent in this digital age. The digital appliances and smartphones that are widely used in the world, generate reflective radiations that make your eyes feel stressed. Eyestrain also happens when you focus on one particular thing for a longer period of time.

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Easy eye exercises one must follow to get rid of eye strain

1. Pencil focus

This is the best and simplest exercise one can follow at home to improve their vision. Hold a pencil in your hand and stretch the same hand right in front of you. Make sure the pencil is aligned to the tip of your nose. All you need to do is, focus on the pencil, while you bring it closer to your nose and then move it far from your vision. Repeat this ten times and this exercise will prove to be helpful in improving your eyesight.

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2. Roll your eyes in a circular motion

Usually, when people face eyestrain, they rest their head on the table. Rather than this, one must opt for this simple exercise to soothe your eye. Roll your eyes in a clockwise direction and repeat this exercise for a few seconds. Do not forget to blink your eyes in between each set. Try this exercise for a week, and you will see the results.

3. Finger therapy

Align your pointer finger and middle finger together and place it on your eye. Then release both your fingers from your eyes. Repeat the process until you feel your eyes are less strained. This is a quick exercise for you to follow when you are at work. Try this eye exercise thrice a day, and you will notice the change in your vision.

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