Five Ways To Calm Yourself Down When Anger Or Anxiet Takes Over You


Having a few strategies like meditation that will help when anger or anxiety takes over you. Here are five ways of calming yourself down.

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Getting angry from time to time is normal, but what happens when anxiety or anger takes over? Being able to calm down in such moments is often easier said than done. Having a few strategies that will help when this feeling hits, can prove to be helpful. Here are five ways of calming yourself down.


Breathing is the number one and most effective technique for controlling anxiety and anger quickly. There are various breathing techniques to help one calm down. One example can be three-part breathing. Three-part breathing requires you to take one deep breath in and then exhale fully while paying attention to your body. Breathing always proves to be helpful.

Release the anger

Getting the energy of emotion out with exercise is often recommended. Going for a walk or a run, or some physical activity releases serotonin that helps in calming down and feeling better. However, you should avoid physical activity that includes the expression of anger, such as screaming or punching the walls. These have been shown to increase feelings of anger, as it reinforces the emotions.

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Relax the body

Feeling angry or anxious can feel like every muscle in the body is tense. Practising progressive muscle relaxation can help calm down and make the mind focus. In order to do this, lie down on the floor with arms by the side. Make sure that the feet aren’t crossed and the fingers are not curled into a fist. Start at the toes and release them. Slowly move up the body, releasing each part of the body, till the head.

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Get some fresh air

The air circulation and temperature in a room can increase anger or anxiety. If one is feeling tense and the space one is in is stuffy and hot, it could trigger a panic attack. Leave that environment as soon as possible and go outside. Not only will the fresh air help you calm down, but also the change of scenery can sometimes interrupt the angry and anxious thought process.

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Identify pressure points

Going for a massage or getting acupuncture is a wonderful way to manage anxiety and anger. But it’s not always easy to find time in your day to make it happen. The good news is, one can do acupressure for instant anxiety relief. This method involves putting pressure with the fingers or the hand at certain points of the body. The pressure releases the tension and relaxes your body.

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DISCLAIMER | Though many benefits can be derived through these ways, it is suggested to consult a professional medical expert for health benefits. Kindly seek advice or instruction from a medical practitioner before trying any of these methods.

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