Hair Care: Home Remedies For Split End Removal And Hair Treatment


Split ends are the splitting of hair shafts at the end of your hair. Take a look at five of the easiest home remedies that come in handy to avoid this problem.

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Hair care

Split ends are something no one wants but most of us get. If the situation escalates, it makes for a dreadful sight. Fortunately for us, with proper care and by following the right advice, this problem can be avoided. There are also various home remedies which you can follow that will help to combat the split ends without having to resort to a haircut.

What are split ends?

For those of you who do not know, split ends, as the name suggests, is the splitting of hair shafts especially at the end of your hair. Although, the splitting of hair can occur at any length of the hair, it mostly occurs towards the ends. It usually happens when your hair doesn’t get enough nutrition or if it gets too much exposure in the sun.

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In order to avoid splitting of hair, let us take a look at five of the easiest home remedies which you can put together in the convenience of your kitchen:

1.       Use Avocado to stop the splitting: Apart from having various health benefits, avocado is great for hair too. Vitamin H strengthens your hair to an extent that their splitting can be avoided completely. Avocado is a good source of Vitamin H. Also Read | Top 3 DIY Homemade Shampoo Recipes For Hair Fall & Itchy Scalp Relief

2.       Shea butter to the rescue: Another useful remedy is shea butter. It’s not only beneficial for skin but also for hair. Layers of shea butter create a protective coating which prevents all kinds of exterior damage. Also Read | World's Longest Cruise Sets Sail On Its 245-day Journey From London

3.       Papaya, not just a tasty fruit: Papaya is another excellent choice for the treatment of split ends, as it is a rich source of proteins and amino acids. Just mix it with a cup of yoghurt and add it with honey and coconut oil. Apply the same to the split ends and then rinse your hair with water thereafter.

4.       Use of Aloe Vera: Of all the remedies mentioned here, the Aloe Vera remedy has to be the most important and most useful. It has always known to be a great conditioner for hair. Apart from split ends, Aloe Vera can also solve other hair problems like hair loss and dandruff.

5.       Banana mask to mend split ends: Perhaps the easiest to obtain, bananas being a rich source of carbohydrates can easily repair any damage from the splitting. It restores the hair’s original elasticity while making it silky as well. All you need to do is mix one banana with yoghurt and lemon juice and apply it in the affected area. These techniques will surely come in handy for quick and easy ways for spilt end removal.

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