How To Control Body Heat – 10 Body Cooling Foods That Reduce Body Heat Immediately

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To be alive, maintaining the right body temperature is necessary. However, body temperature keeps varying with the climate change. Fluctuation in the body temperature brings in various health problems. This is why we must stay informed on how to control body heat, so that we can keep a check on our increasing body temperature in times of uncertainty.

These days, it is pretty common to see many people suffer from the issues related to high body temperature. A lot of us refer to this as heat stress. Typically, when the body is unable to cool itself down, one may experience several health problems like heat cramps, heat rashes, pimples, dizziness, internal organs damage and nausea. 

What contributes to increasing body heat? 

Body heat is not a disease; however it should not be taken lightly either. In fact, you should get a clear idea about what contributes the most towards our increasing body heat. Only then can you plan on implementing effective ways of combating increased body heat in your daily regime. 
Let’s look at some of the most prominent reasons of high body heat:
•    Illness due to fever or other infection 
•    Increased thyroid activity
•    Physical workouts 
•    Consumption of drugs
•    Enhances exposure to the sun
•    Wearing tight clothes
•    Very hot and humid weather
•    Eating hot and spicy food
•    Meat, egg and cinnamon powder are foods that increase body heat

Ways to Get Rid of Body Heat Pimples

Not only high body temperature but body heat pimples can also be a real challenge for many. Wondering how to reduce body heat pimples?  Let’s take a look at some of the most lucrative ways outs to get rid of body heat pimples.
1.    Chemical Peel - A chemical peel works well to remove the deformed the upper layer of the skin without damaging the dermal layers underneath. You can hire a dermatologist that would suggest the right plan according to your skin type. 
2.    Laser Toning - To target excess sebum producing glands and deformed the cell, laser toning is going to be quite helpful. 
3.    Microdermabrasion - The treatment is done by expert dermatologist where a crystal device is used to scale the upper layer of the skin non-surgically. 
4.    Cleansing - Trapped dirt and layer of dead skin cells can create a problem in proper air circulation and cause pimples and acne. To remove all the pollutants and dirt, you should shower every day or even twice if required. 
5.    Look for Certain Ingredients - You should use the products with the ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil. But, make sure you consult with a doctor first. 

Start Working on Solutions 

If you are confused about how to reduce body heat immediately, then why don’t you focus on some 100% organic, natural remedies? If you’re out on a sales visit on an excessively hot day or hustling at the gym a bit too far, you might consider consuming some body cooling foods to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Let us now look at the top 10 home remedies that you can put to use in order to reduce your body heat. 

1.    Cold Water - Cold water not only helps reduce body heat but also helps it recover quickly from the adverse effects of high temperature. Make sure you drink a glass full of cold water if you start feeling an increase in body temperature. 

2.    Coconut Water - Coconut water helps in treating high exhaustion. It is reloaded with nutrients that are excellent for hydrating the body, thereby helping you boost your energy. 

3.    Lemon - Adding lemon to your daily diet can help keep your body cool. Vitamin C in lemon is high which helps you feel energized and hydrated during hot days. 

4.    Sandalwood - It is available in the form of soap and powder in the market. For a cooling effect, use it and rub it regularly. Whether you use soap or powder, both can be used as a constant source of cooling. 

5.    Peppermint – We all know that peppermint has a perennial cooling effect. You can add it to your drink as a spice. Thus, it can be effectively used to reduce your body heat. 

6.    Watermelon - Due to the high water content, watermelon aids to reduce body heat quickly. This fruit proves to be helpful in removing the harmful toxins from the body. This will also help keep you hydrated. 

7.    Aloe Vera - Its soothing and cooling property will help you maintain a normal body temperature. You can extract the fresh Aloe Vera gel and rub it over your body to keep it cool. 

8.    Indian Gooseberry - Indian gooseberry is no doubt an excellent source of vitamin C. It also has the ability to provide relief against extreme heat. 

9.    Buttermilk - In Ayurveda, buttermilk is a useful home remedy to reduce body heat. It is beneficial for women, suffering from hot flashes and men, having a high metabolism. 

10.    Poppy Seeds - Poppy seeds or opium, have a cooling effect on the body, and help in regulating the body temperature. You can have a small amount of poppy seeds before going to sleep. But, avoid taking it in a large quantity. 

With certain tips and precautions described here, you can prevent body heat from causing you any major bodily complications. If you are suffering from the adverse effects of increased body heat, and not in a position to understand how to control body heat with home remedies, start seeking expert medical advice. Stay calm and work towards bettering your health with every little effort.