How To Detox Your Body: Cleanse Your Body In 5 Easy Steps


Looking to detox your body naturally? Read about how you can cleanse your liver and other vital body organs. Follow these 5 steps and get rid of body toxins!

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The current generation is drowning in a chemical soup. We eat, breathe and even wear toxic chemicals that have the potential to wreak havoc on our overall health. Since a majority of these chemicals are not named or labeled, people remain unaware of their existence. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of what we consume and allow our body to go through a natural cleansing process known as ‘detox’. This will help remove all the toxins from our body.

Where Do the Toxins Come From?

In our everyday lives, we are exposed to many toxins present in the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and other cosmetic and chemical products that we use. Such toxins are not only present in the food we consume, but also in items like cleaning products, household fragrances, plastic food containers, perfumes and more.  Direct or indirect intake of excess amount of toxins can cause damage to our organs and have other adverse effects on our health. They also contribute to health-related issues such as obesity, low immunity, and heart-related problems. 

Therefore, flushing out these harmful materials from our body every now and then is very essential. This can be done by introducing our body to a process of cleansing, which is also known as detoxification.  

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What is Detoxification?

Detoxification simply means cleansing our bloodstream to remove the impurities present in it. Our body performs a natural detox by extricating all the toxins that are present through our lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system, intestines and skin. If the impurities in our body are not filtered properly and some toxins are left in the organs, then it can affect our body adversely.

The actual detoxification takes place through your liver. We have to control our diet to stimulate our liver to go through this process of a natural detox. The liver first converts all the toxic substances into metabolites, which are highly reactive in nature, and then proceeds to remove them from our body. However, you must also know that other organs like your lungs, intestines, kidneys and skin also play an important role. 

How Does a Detox Work?

The question that many of us may harbour in our mind is, does a detox really work? And if it actually does, how does it clean our body? Although detox is not a computer program that follows particular steps to achieve its targets, there are a few things that are done during the detox program that aid our body in flushing out toxins naturally. This is how a detox works:

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1.    Our organs are always functioning and working to process all the substances that we consume. Therefore, one of the best way to naturally detox our body is by resting our organs for a day or two. Fasting for a day every once in a while can prove to be very beneficial as it lets our organs catch up on all the junk that we consume every day. While some people choose to avoid food all day long, others opt to have only one meal through the day. It’s totally up to you.

2.    As discussed above, our liver is the most important organ which helps in detoxifying our body. We have to stimulate the liver so as to drive all the harmful toxins from our body. This process is called a ‘liver detox’ or liver cleansing. 

3.    Just like the liver, other organs like your kidneys, intestines, and skin also have a way that enables our body to detox. This process is known as colon cleansing or colon detox. All we need to do is learn how to successfully accomplish it.

4.    Since our bloodstream is affected the most by harmful toxins, a natural cleanse or natural detox is performed to remove impurities mainly from our blood. We can aid the detox process by eating natural vegetables and fruits, which not only helps the development of blood in our body but also improves our blood circulation.

5.    One of the main things that we need to do during a detox is fueling our body with as many healthy nutrients as possible. Their nutrients enhance the overall health of our body and also help fight the toxins present in it.

Detox Your Body in 5 Easy Steps

Most people believe that the only way to detox their body is to fast for a day every now and then. However, that is not true. There are many different ways in which we can cleanse our bodies, such as:

1.    Drinking a glass of water right after you wake up can help in flushing out toxins from your organs after a whole night of inactivity. Another way is to make a conscious effort of drinking as much water as possible during the day.

2.    Oil and fats from natural and organic sources like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc. provide a great amount of energy for biotransformation and detox processes to take place. Thus, including them in your diet can prove to be helpful. 

3.    Eating food items that are rich in fibre can greatly improve the detox process. Some detoxifying food items such as brown rice, fresh fruits like apples, oranges, pomegranate and banana, and organically grown vegetables like beetroot, spinach, broccoli, seaweed and radishes have been known to improve your metabolism and overall health.

4.    Herbs and spices used in medical treatments have many good characteristics and help in detoxifying the body and protecting the liver. Some examples of such herbs are burdock, milk thistle, green tea and dandelion root.

5.    Vitamin C is also very beneficial for the body as it helps in producing glutathione. Glutathione is a compound found in the liver that helps in removing the toxins from our body.

So, there you go. If you’ve been worried about the harmful chemicals and pollutants harming your body, you now know how to get rid of them with these easy detox tips. 

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