How To Get Smooth Legs During Winter? Follow These Easy Tips


Winters can turn out to be annoying with the dry skin that it leaves behind. How to get smooth legs without putting in many efforts. Read on to know more.

Written By Sania Kader | Mumbai | Updated On:
how to get smooth legs

Winters leave you with dry and cracked feet. This happens even if you moisturize your feet regularly. Treating irritating dry skin is not a tough job. Smooth and flawless legs can be easily achieved if you take special care and follow simple steps. Here are five tips to follow, in order to get soft legs.

How to get smooth legs with easy measures

1.       Avoid long showers

We all have felt that annoying dry feeling right after a shower. A hot water bath is undoubtedly the best thing about winters. However, it will damage your skin to a great extent. The best thing to do is to take a shower for a short duration. Do not spend more than fifteen minutes taking a bath. This will help you deal with the dryness that follows. After the shower, make sure you moisturize every inch of your skin.

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2.       Go for gentle cleansers

Soap bars are not good for your skin, especially during winters. Even if you use soap bars, make sure they are mild and gentle. Glycerine soaps work the best. If possible, replace your soap bars with shower gels. Shower gels will leave you with relatively lesser dry skin.

3.       Limit shower temperature

The temperature of the water you shower with needs to be moderate. If you shower in steaming hot water on a daily basis, you need to get a hold on the habit. It is always recommended to use lukewarm water to shower. The hot water bath usually leaves behind cracked skin on the exposed body parts.

4.       Heal the cracks

There is an easy way of healing your foot cracks. Use petroleum jelly to get rid of cracked, dry feet. However, smooth skin is guaranteed. Petroleum jelly is easily available and is one of the most commonly used remedies for cracked heels. Make sure you cover the feet for a while after applying the jelly.

5.       Avoid wet clothes

If you get your clothes wet by any chance, make sure you change. Letting soaked clothes stay on your skin will make it extremely dry. After changing, make sure you moisturize. It will rehydrate your skin. The irritation that occurs on your skin due to wet clothes is just another reason to avoid it.

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