Laugh More: Here Are What Some Of The Benefits May Be

Written By Mrigank Pandey | Mumbai | Published:


  • Laughter is usually understood to symbolise goodwill and positivity
  • A laugh a day could potentially have benefits for your body and mind
  • Studies over time have highlighted a number of potential benefits

It is safe to assume that every person wants their health to be at its peak. Not only is being healthy light on our pockets, but it also feels very good to be at your best and ready to take whatever challenges life throws at you. Laughter is usually related to the feeling of being entertained, but studies have found evidence that your smile could very well be your one-way ticket to the land of good health. Let us look at some of Laughter's most significant health benefits.

Laugh More So That You and Your Body Stay at Its Peak

Laughter Fights Depression

Although Depression and Mental Health are vast topics and the remedies may be unique for every case, laughter can definitely help. Studies found out that patients of depression benefited from Laughter Therapy and symptoms of their depression reduced when they indulged into something more humourous. The next time you feel a little down, try watching a stand-up comedy - maybe it'll end up helping you. If you feel like you are going through mental health issues that you do not understand, consult a doctor. Trying Laughter is definitely recommended, but it is important that you have professional guidance.

Laughter Reduces Anxiety

A study done in 1990 had a few students being sorted into three groups and being told that they were going to receive an electric shock. One group was given humorous material to expose themselves to while they waited for the shock while the other two groups had non-humorous material or none at all. It was noted that students who were laughing had a much lower level of anxiety and had eased up to the surroundings pretty well. Maybe laughing more is the answer to your worries and indecisiveness.

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Laughter Improves Immunity

This was another result of laughter that was noted as a study was done to see the impact of Laughter Therapy on the Immunity capabilities our bodies exhibited. It was noted that although the effects were small, immunity did increase a little when the test group was subjected to Laughter Therapy. Immunity is essential for not falling ill, and laughter may be your pathway to stay happy and away from disease. If already ill, laughter therapy may also help you recover quicker.

Laughter Reduces High Blood Pressure

This may apply to older people more than it would to a younger demographic, but high blood pressures are an issue that a lot of people face. These need to be mitigated quickly as otherwise, they can even lead to more serious situations like a stroke. A 2017 study done on a group of people with high blood pressures revealed that once they were subjected to laughter therapy for a few weeks, their blood pressures dropped down. This was adopted by doctors earlier as well with a lot of doctors suggesting laughter therapy to high blood pressure victims. 

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Laughter Is a Sign of Goodwill

A 2010 study discovered that laughter is associated with feelings of goodwill and trust. Laughter is something that is unique to humans but even primates communicated feelings of goodwill by baring their teeth. It is theorised that since baring one's teeth can be faked as well, human evolution had humans making their expressions more sophisticated finally morphing into their ability to laugh. Even if you look back at your own life, it is very common to associate feelings of trust and friendship with a smiling person.

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So these were a few facts about Laughter that can convince you that, "A Laugh a Day Keeps The Doctor Away". In recent days, Laughter Therapy has become a legitimate form of therapy with Laughter Clubs popping up all over the radar. Even if you are sceptical of its effects, laughter will not and can not hurt you in any way. So it is definitely a nice habit to incorporate. Try these tips out and let us know if you notice any positive results in your general mood. Have a nice day!

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