Onion Hair Oil: Benefits Of Adding The Essential Oil In Your Daily Hair Care Routine


Not all women are blessed with strong hair and dandruff-free scalp but worry not, here's a remedy for you. Use onion hair oil to get rid of such hair problems.

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Other than being a kitchen staple, onion has many other benefits. Hair fall, dandruff, baldness, greying of hair — these are all some issues with which almost every second person is annoyed with. There are a lot of problems due to which hair fall, dandruff or balding occurs. Not all women are blessed with strong hair and dandruff-free scalp, but worry not. Here's a remedy for these problems. You can use onion oil to get rid of such hair related problems.

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Benefits of Onion oil for hair

  • Optimising hair growth cycle is possible with the use of onion juice. The presence of adequate antioxidants in onion oil enhances the effect of certain enzymes that work in stopping hair fall.
  • Onion oil can work wonders in helping hair regrowth. Using this oil on a regular basis will effectively prevent and avoid hair fall and treat baldness.

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  • Onion oil includes an abundance of sulphur, which stops breakage, split ends and weakening of hair. Oxidation of hair can also be prevented from other nutrients present in onion oil. Presence of sulphur can also help you to maintain the regular pH of the hair, preventing early greying.
  • Onion oil also takes care of hair nourishment because of the presence of sulphur in it. The quality of hair follicles is also enriched by using this oil.
  • Massaging this oil in your hair can help improve the blood circulation, and also ensures denser and stronger hair growth with the nourished scalp.

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  • Regular use of onion oil in your scalp can prevent any bacterial infections or dandruff. Onion oil will also make sure that you have a shiny and strong hair
  • Onion oil is also beneficial if you want long hair. It is also a cost-saving solution which also will help in quick hair growth.
  • Onion oil can be combined with any other beneficial oil to increase its benefits. It is very healthy and good option to mix onion oil with olive or coconut oil for superior benefits.
  • This magical oil can be used as a conditioner, before your shampoo. It can be used as a natural conditioner which helps in avoiding dryness and controls frizz.

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DISCLAIMER: The effects of this onion oil may vary from person to person. If you are allergic to any natural ingredients, consulting a doctor is advised before using them. It is best to consult a dermatologist to avoid any kind of problems or allergies and for further assistance. 

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