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'Unique Symptom': Post-COVID Patients Experiencing Cognitive Dulling Or Mental Slowing

The second wave of COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the mental health of the patients who suffered from the infection & also on their families, said Dr Gupta



After recovering from Coronavirus, patients are experiencing cognitive dulling or slowing mental activity as unique post-COVID symptoms, said mental health experts. Dr Manushree Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College (VMMC) and Safdarjung Hospital stated that patients tend to feel dejected and fatigued and the exact mechanism is not clear.

"Post-Covid patients are also exhibiting a unique symptom of cognitive dulling or mental slowing where they are experience slowing of mental activity, inability to think clearly and feeling dejected or fatigued for 2-3 months after recovery from Covid infection. However, the exact mechanism is not clearly understood but is believed to result from the alterations in blood clotting mechanisms in the brain or even direct inflammation of the brain tissue, " said Dr Gupta.

While speaking to ANI, Dr Gupta said, "Neurocognitive symptoms following recovery from COVID-19 comprise mental confusion or fatigue, drowsiness, difficulty in sustaining attention, memory deficits as well as psychological symptoms like anxiety and depression."

In recent times, Mental health services have experienced an upsurge in consultations regarding anxiety disorders, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Apart from the physical weakness, the second wave of COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the mental health of not only the patients who suffered from the infection but also their families. The second wave forced people to deal with extreme mental agony, especially the families of the deceased.

"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been observed in people who have witnessed death in their family due to COVID-19," said Dr Gupta.

Even with decreasing number of COVID cases now, mental health is a major cause of concern.

COVID-19 situation in India

As per Union Health Ministry, India reported 1,32,364 new COVID-19 cases, 2,07,071 discharges, and 2713 deaths in the last 24 hours.

  • Total cases: 2,85,74,350
  • Total discharges: 2,65,97,655
  • Death toll: 3,40,702
  • Active cases: 16,35,993
  • Total vaccination: 22,41,09,448

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