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What Is Influenza B Virus? Know All About The Disease Contracted By Debina Bonnerjee

Debina Bonnerjee took to her official social media handle and shared that she is staying away from her daughters due to influenza B virus.

Debina Bonnerjee


Debina Bonnerjee who has been disgnosed with influenza B virus recently stated that she is staying away from her daughters for safety reasons. The actress contracted the disease after returning from her family trip to Sri Lanka and now she is on her way to recovery.

Know everything including symptoms, causes, treatment and precautions about this respiratory infection. 

What is influenza B virus?

Any influenza is a form of a respiratory infection which is caused by viruses. This comes in three types A, B and C. Among all of these types, only influenza B can be transmitted from one human body to another. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both type A and type B can be life threatening. 

What are the symptoms of influenza B virus?

One of the most prominent indicators of influenza B virus is fever. In this case, the body temperature is minimum 100ºF. The disease is extremely contagious and can be fatal. Other symproms of this respiratory infection are sore throat, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, pain in muscles and body.

Meanwhile, if influenza B virus is not treated on time, the symptoms can get severe like pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory failure, sepsis, heart inflammation and more.  

What are the preventions for influenza B virus?

As per World Health Organization, some of the precautions one can take to save themselves from influenza B virus is main tain social distancing, cover your mouth and nose with a mask, wash hands regularly.

What are the treatments of influenza B virus?

Generaly, if it is normal flu, one does nothing but rest and have a lot of liquids to stay hydrated. However, if things get severe it is recommended to see a doctor rather than just relying on pain killers.

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