Yoga: The Powerful Benefits Of Pranayam On Physical And Mental Health


Yoga has several key elements which helps in benefiting an individual. Pranayam is one of those elements. Here are some of the major benefits of Pranayam.

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Yoga is an art of health science and exercise that was invented in India centuries ago. Today the world follows this science of rejuvenation and understands its importance and benefits. Pranayam is considered to be one of the key elements of Yoga and, hence, its widespread benefits and science is still under research. So here are some benefits of Pranayam according to research done over the years.

1. Good for cardiovascular health

Pranayam is a part of Yoga and hence is a crucial part while performing any asana. Hence Pranayam not only benefits physically but mentally as well. One major benefit of it is it improves cardiovascular health. Pranayam increases the oxygen intake and helps in supplying it to different parts of the body. It improves circulation to the heart, decreases heart rate and improves blood pressure.

2. Helps in weight loss

Pranayam regulates the process of breathing and hence abdominal muscles also relax and contract. This results in an increase in the amount of sweating due to calories being burnt while performing a certain asana. According to the International Journal of Yoga, suggests that a guided and regular practice of Pranayam can benefit an individual who plans to lose weight.

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3. Boosts immunity

Modern lifestyles and bizarre eating habits have impacted individuals from every age cohort. Hence a severe impact in immunity can also be seen. Stress which can deteriorate an individual’s immunity can be controlled with the help of Pranayam. Breath retention or kumbhaka improves the defence mechanism of the body and results in boosting one’s immunity.

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4. Reduces stress

Stress is not a key factor in affecting your mental health but it also impacts other physical factors of your body. Pranayam relaxes an individual’s body. The European Journal of pharmaceutical and medical research also stated benefits the positive effects of Pranayam to treat psychological disorders.

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