Gardening Tips: Indoor Plants Care And Maintenance Guidelines


Indoor plants are an essential component of every house. Try out these gardening tips for the better maintenance of your house plants. Read ahead to know tips

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Indoor plants are known to have mood-boosting qualities. These plants are popular because they are easy in terms of taking care and they also provide some health benefits. These plants are a great option for those people who have less indoor gardening space. Read ahead to know the tips to keep your plants in your house healthy and growing.

Place it in the right location

Indoor plants vary in their light requirements. Some of the plants prefer the strong light, while others thrive in the soft morning light. Distance from the window also affects the intensity and quality of light. As said, it is better you match the plants with the light conditions where they will grow.

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Use good quality of soil

Good soil gives proper nutrition and moisture-holding capability to healthy roots. You can buy excellent potting soil from nurseries and garden centres. Try to buy house plants that are suitable for the right space as per your comfort. Also, keep in mind to not grow a sun-loving plant in a dark room. 

Water Properly

All plants need frequent and thorough watering.  Allow the soil to partially dry before you water your plants again. To prevent salts in the soil, water especially heavily once in a month.

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Increase Humidity

Indoor conditions of your home can be dry. Remember not to keep plants near a heater or drafty windows. You can increase humidity by setting houseplants on trays layered with small pebbles and filled with water. Misting plants increase humidity only temporarily and is of less help.

Fertilise and Control Pests

The frequent watering may leaches nutrients out of the soil from your indoor plants. But it can be replaced by regular fertilisation. Apart from this, insects like Aphids, Scale and Whiteflies can cause a problem for your plants. Regularly inspect your plants if you see any signs of insects or pests.

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