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Home Decor | The Six Best Space Saving Tips That One Must Know About

As more people move to the suburbs, it seems like home space is becoming harder to find. Read ahead to find the six best space-saving tips that one must know


As more people move to the suburbs, it seems like housing space is becoming harder to find. Many families are looking for innovative ways to maximise living space, while couples or singles may just want to improve their cramped conditions. Whatever may be the reason, here are six techniques that will help you make space for your things. Take a look-

Use the walls

Increase the cupboard space by using the walls. Space-saving is all about creating convenient storage space, so what better than using the space between the ceiling and floor, that is always empty. Cabinets and wire racks can be mounted on the walls to hang all sorts of things- keys, scarves, mugs, jackets, and so on.

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Roll-out table

Creating a roll-out table underneath your island bench can create extra working space in a moment. In addition, the benefit of having a roll-out table is that we can use it only when we need it. It can be easy to clutter benches with the items that don’t belong there, but a roll-out will ensure plenty of space.

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Under stairs storage

As far as space-saving ideas are concerned, this one is a must-try. All the dead and empty space underneath your staircase can be converted into storage with minimal required efforts. It also forms less clutter.

Fold-down table

Fold-down tables are a genius idea. This multi-purpose table simply latches on the wall. It can be folded down when not in use, to be able to use the same space to do something else. It can be used for many things, for example, a baby change table and so on. This idea is an all-round win-win situation.

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Breakfast bar

This is a low-cost and no fuss solution to create extra dining space in the kitchen. Breakfast tables look super stylish and suit both, contemporary and rustic country living. Whether it is a stand-alone counter or an add-on to an existing bench, the results are amazing.  

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Floor to ceiling bookshelf

Floor to ceiling storage work for the storage of many more things than just books. This concept works even without having a spare wall. A bookcase around door frames are just as easy, and it adds a real element of style to your home.

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