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Home Decor Trends To Look Forward To That Are Predicted To Be Huge In 2020

Home decor ideas for the new year; read on for a look at some of the most popular home decor trends that we are most looking forward to. Check out the trends.

Home decor

2020 marks not only the beginning of a new year but also a new decade. This makes it the perfect time and opportunity to bring your home a much-needed update. After 10 years or more of the same old, now is the time to try out something new and refresh the heart of your home. Here are some of the hottest home decor ideas if you’re looking to make a serious statement in 2020:

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Grandmillennial style

The Grandmillennial style is a term that was coined by writer Emma Bazilian. This is a traditional design for those who have a passion for elements of chinoiserie, scallops, natural fibre rugs, topiaries, and the likes. Try out this design in 2020, which is sure to give your home a much needed revamp.


According to popular designer William Cullum in a leading lifestyle publication, Mosaics are one those designs that have lived through almost every period of decorative arts. Cullum is all-in for this design and also believes that Mosiacs connote luxury and are also quite whimsical. This can be used to decorate bathrooms or countertops, be used as wall art, or create a themed space in your home.

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High-Contrast Decor

According to interior designer Bria Hammel in a leading lifestyle publication, high-contrast designs are having their moment right now. What this means is if you have been waiting to paint your home black for a while, this is the time to go ahead, with a bit of moderation of course.

He added that white has been a huge trend for a very long time, but now is the time that we likely see a change. Hammel explained with an example stating that we would now be able to see a chair with black fabric and a white frame, or a console table in dark stained wood with light-coloured hardware.

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